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A Fish Supper Done Right

Under a charcoal smudge of clouds,
the wind bristling and grating our cheeks,
we huddle on this bench, determined.
The waves before us whip and churn,
the harbour itself seems to tremble.

The greasy papers on our laps,
a searing warmth, a molten centre.
The vinegar smell, the comforting rustle;
the beauty of a Scottish fish supper.
Our scalded tongues devouring every crumb.

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Poem, Grandparents, fish supper

A Grandchild's Lament

S. Fox-May

Through a window
Framed by the flowers of a lilac tree
Me: bald til I was three
You: apron on and humming free
"You're a good cooker Grandma,"
And you nourish me
With love

Now rich, me,
With love
I'll nourish you
The hospital's soft moist diet
Sips of tea punctuate hours of quiet
Trying to make sense of why it
Has to end this way

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Poem, love, Grandparents

a plate-licker

Donal McLaughlin

...he wouldn’t’ve started school yet and he started at the age of four mind and his Mammy Cluskey was still alive at the time, obviously, cos it was her made the salad.

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childhood, stories, family, Grandparents

Bird's Dream Topping

Lesley Hendry

Toffee popcorn and juicy water stowed
Ready to set off on the sunny road
New beach shoes and bathing suit
Chosen themselves, but oh so cute
Little ones landed on the beach with glee
Eyes wide, fascinated by rolling sea
Buckets and spades tumbled down together
As little legs toddled hell for leather
Into the water with shrieks and gasps
Nana running, a hand of each she grasps
As rolling waves break, the trio jump
Until the youngest takes the hump
Tiring, soaked and a little chilled
Sand castles and moats, really thrilled

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Poem, children, Grandparents, feast, treats

Biscuits at Dawn

When we were growing up, we loved staying at my grandma and papa's house. For that night, my sister and I would soak up their attention, away from our noisy elder brothers. By day, we would run circles round the garden, which went all the way around the house so it seemed to go on forever.

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Grandparents, childhood, memories, family, sweets, baking

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? More like breakfast at my Gran’s. Hot, toasted pan loaf smothered with soft, yellow butter and her home-made strawberry jam. Mugs of milky hot chocolate, with floating skin, perfect for slurping.

Then there were her lunches. Findus crispy pancakes oozing with mince and baked beans on the side. And her home-made crumpets spread with that jam, rolled up like wee rugs and kept warm in the oven.

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Cake Bribe

Daniel Brady

A note from the Author:

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family, Grandparents, baking, sweets, hunger, stories

Can it!

CL Griffiths

My Granny's recipe book comprised of a catalogue of messages for the local Co-op, scribbled on the back of an old envelope. She could cook anything, so long as it came out of a can. It listed delights such as canned meat, canned potatoes, canned carrots, canned peas, canned gravy, and a tinned pudding... with canned custard, of course. If the supermarket stocked cans of salad it would have made the top of the list.

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Grandparents, childhood, food experiences, sweets

Daniel's Biryani

Celma Islam

Daniel is a man of many talents. He is

Actively busy with his work research projects and crazy running habits.

Nowadays, he often spends his precious free time cooking the family their favourite meal.

Inside the kitchen, he patiently toils over, the best hand picked lamb shanks and perfectly fried rice. His family

Eagerly anticipate the arrival of Thatha's signature dish at the dinner table. His

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Poem, family, Grandparents, home cooked, spices, meat, love


J E Reeve

“Brrr! It’s even colder in here than normal!” Three strides and I was in front of the monstrous fridge. “I’ve never discovered why Gran bothers with a fridge!” I pulled at the door handle. The door swung open, revealing a selection of UFOs – Unidentified Foodie Objects. “She never throws it, just recycles it!”

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