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A New Start

Fiona MacLeod

Alex had long nourished the dream of moving to a Scottish Island. This dream was now a reality. His belongings were packed into a transit van, parked on the car deck of the Cal-Mac ferry.

Standing on the deck, he looked out towards Vatersay. He knew it won’t be too long till the ferry docked. The Castle in the Bay, a clan MacNeil’s holding, looked bleak, as the dark clouds gathered overhead. Driving off the car deck he waved at a familiar face.

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scotland, travel, home

A One Woman Cottage Industry

Alan Ling

When I think of food I often think of my mum.

Folk say “ye cannae beat your ma's cooking”, and I find that statement most agreeable when I look back at all the soups, stews, roasts, curries, salads and cakes she whipped up for our wee family.

I love food, and at 33 years old I will eat and enjoy pretty much anything – be it the filthy (battered macaroni cheese), the pretentious (flavoured ‘foams’) or the rather unnecessary (rancid shark meat).

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A Roll and Square Sausage

Margaret Lilley

I turn the key into the door, the one I’ve stepped through countless times. As doors go it’s never been that impressive, it once was heavier, wooden and weighted for fire safety, painted a dark glossy green with the silver numbers placed together to make an 18. At some time over the years, it was updated to a PVC white door with glass panels – equally unimpressive. To me, though, it was the gateway to my safe place. Home.

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home, family, life cycles, memories

Apple Pie Soup

When I first went to university, I started to shrink; much like a poor old mushroom, frying in the fizz and fat of daily existence. My edges would droop from sitting in too many lectures, my stomach and thighs fell away at the treadmill. My reflection caught dust in the mirror and always seemed like someone other, convex and stretched and often swollen. I shared a kitchen with nine other people. There were two girls who spent the whole day in there peeling potatoes, like they were apprentice tattie farmers rather than mathematics students.

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hunger, soup, memories, difficult times, family, home, healing

Changing Tables

Gourock, circa 1985

I’m standing in the small kitchen, at my mother’s side, in front of an aging electric cooker. It’s a Saturday, and I’m learning how to make scones, because we’ll have them on the table later for high tea. Saturday is always high tea in our house. In principle perhaps (although there’s always baking), it’s the day off from cooking for my mum – we’ll just have a shell pie, or boiled eggs, or Findus’ crispy pancakes.

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Childhood Memories, A Kitchen Garden 1950

Elspeth Anderson

In the autumn of 1950 my family relocated to Temple Village. Our new home was an old stone cottage, roses round the door and an untamed garden. Post-war, government issue ration books were still required for groceries, just one shop in the street. Relatives in New York dispatched food parcels from overseas. Tinned fruit, peaches, apricots, biscuits – the delivery of the box caused great excitement.

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Do you know the way to Sao Tome?

Fiona Thackeray

You leave Lisbon on the midnight plane; arrive at dawn on a teardrop-shaped island, a tiny scrap of Africa, cut adrift from the coast, moored to the Equator. You emerge from the two-room airport, blinking in the brightness: this is the way to Sao Tome and Principe.

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David Rae

When we moved into our new house, Mum insisted that we were not going to keep chickens. According to her, they were dirty, hard work and made a mess of the garden. So when we moved in, the chickens went to a better place, wherever that was. Dad was a bit unhappy, but Mum said it was just as easy to buy eggs at the shops, easier in fact, and she knew better than to believe him when he said that he'd clean out the chicken coop or that he'd get the children to do it.

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family, childhood, home, grow your own, memories, animals

Eun na Nollaige | The Christmas Bird

Mòrag Law

Aig còig bliadhna dh’ aois bha eòlas agam mu-thràth air a’ bhàs.

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family, childhood, home, memories, Christmas, farming, gaelic


Pemma Lhamo

Raining again, cold and wet, it is meant to be summer. No gardening today. I open my laptop. Click onto Facebook. Sign in. Post from Facebook.

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family, comfort, make your own, home, memories, foraging, baking