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A is for Apple

George Roy

Act One.

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Ana Kauser

I am Asian: a life inviting invasion.
My culture obsessed with weight and appearance
pushes me to this self-inflicted grievance.

When I was a size eighteen; internally I felt obscene.
A shallow culture left me stuck-in-between,
forcing myself into a starvation routine,
surviving each day on the strength of caffeine.

Asian men seek high-class-nice-ass.
Image criteria I could not pass.
My bum had way too much mass,
and all I craved was some sass.

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C. F. Ross

My cold just would not shift and now my husband had a sore throat. We were both feeling awful, despite using various sachets, chest rubs, tablets, linctus and soothing sweets. In desperation, I had no option but to summon up my inner witch and concoct a cold relief programme and potion.

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Feeding the Mind

Around five years ago, I stopped eating. Just stopped. I ate one day, and not the next. I woke that morning with a dreadful fear that anything that entered my system would make me horrifically sick, rendering me unable to leave the house. These thoughts invaded my mind every time I attempted to feed myself, so in the end it was easier just not to do it at all.

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Garlic soup will nourish your soul

Helen Mac

Dear diary, today is the first workday after the holidays; everybody’s geared up to break the chain of long lie ins, lazy days and overeating. Holidays, especially Christmas, are so full of magic that when the real world kicks in, well…It can be a little daunting! So my day started at 3am, that early…? When you’re lying on sheets saturated with sweat, temperature high as a kite and heart and pulse like a racing horse’s it’s difficult to sleep well. I fed myself bowls of Chicken Soup loaded with garlic all night long and was beginning to feel nauseated.

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illness, kindness, soup, health remedies, nutrition

Going into Battle with a Kenwood Mixer

Catherine Simpson

My mother’s kitchen in the 1970s was a war zone in which the weapons deployed were electric potato peelers, pressure cookers and a gigantic pale-blue Kenwood mixer. All these gadgets created a terrific din - a racket she used to fend off me and my two sisters.  And if the clattering of the potato peeler or the screech of the pressure cooker didn’t keep us at bay the huffing and puffing of my mother as she wiped her brow, damp from the stresses of feeding a farming family, would.

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I Used to Feed My Belly; Now I Nourish My Body

Food was always at the centre of quality family time in our house – from our Friday Film night, with the four of us all huddled on the sofa; to Mum’s epic Sunday fry-up – it was always an event. All of our dinners during the week were had at the table so we could take it in turns to talk about our day over our meal. In some ways, this element of breaking bread hasn’t changed for us, but we’re doing our breaking these days without the actual bread.

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Killy Pies

Andrew Theriault

I like all kinds of food but the best for me is Killy Pies. I love the big bits of steak and gravy and chips. I love the smell of it and the way it cooks. 

I have Chron's disease so I have to watch what I eat. 



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Lunch at Skara Brae

Beth Hamilton-Cardus, @suitandpace

When we arrived at Skara Brae, Tilly hadn’t eaten properly for a couple of days. She was three then, and has always been a good eater – she generally wires into all things edible. It’s continuously been a source of family jokes, all about her hollow legs and how she’ll have anything if it’s not nailed down. She needs plenty of fuel for all her exploits – she’s tall and lean like her father (on the Hamilton side, we’re better insulated) and always on the move, always burning up the energy. She’s never met a patch of grass she didn’t sprint across, with me puffing away behind.

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Making It Stop

Make it stop.

Make it stop make it stop.

Make. It. Stop.

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food experiences, alcohol, illness, healing