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A Picnic Triptych (on a twelve day pony trip)

Leonie Charlton

Day Four – Kintail to Kinloch Hourn

Suardalan Bothy, with its Rowan tree for shade and its enclosed field, is a perfect place to stop for lunch. They’ve been slow, steep miles since dawn-in-Kintail when Shuna and I tacked up the two ponies, their hooves glassy with dew, and the four of us are now famished.

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scotland, travel, hiking, nutrition, animals, companionship


Ana Kauser

I am Asian: a life inviting invasion.
My culture obsessed with weight and appearance
pushes me to this self-inflicted grievance.

When I was a size eighteen; internally I felt obscene.
A shallow culture left me stuck-in-between,
forcing myself into a starvation routine,
surviving each day on the strength of caffeine.

Asian men seek high-class-nice-ass.
Image criteria I could not pass.
My bum had way too much mass,
and all I craved was some sass.

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Banana Thief

Laura McLean

I am the proud owner of two beautiful male dumbo rats, also known as fancy rats. One a brown cinnamon called Beris, the other a grey and white Russian blue called Darios. I named them after two characters from two different novel series I am working on.

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animals, family, stories, nutrition, fruit, treats

Carrying the Flame

Brian Thom McQuade

People sometimes ask me what keeps me going.  Well, here’s an instance: in October of 2011 I was knocked down by a car. I sustained fractures to my spine, ribs and hip. Following the X-rays that were taken I was also informed that I had quite serious osteoporosis. The following month I was hobbling along the road (trying to get used to walking again) when a friend of mine pulled up in his truck, jumped out of the door and announced to me that I had been chosen from my community of Govan (population of approximately 27,000) to carry the Olympic Torch in 2012.

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story, difficult times, memories, nutrition, gardening


Kate Durie

It was the summer of 1969, the skirts shorter than ever, the new university campus sprinkled with sunbathing students like a cake sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, the sense of possibility heavier than the cannabis in the air. We – the girls among us - celebrated with competitive slimming; to be scrawny-thin was to be beautiful, or at least as beautiful as it could get, never realising that youth and health were all it took. I found a calorie chart and diet that promised a dramatic weight loss on 450 calories a day. Apple, natural yogurt, crispbread and not much more.

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hunger, dieting, nutrition, treats, memories, feast

Curried Camping

Caroline Easthope

I have never forgotten that meal. The sensation of the mouth-watering meal, the way it fulfilled us four walkers. The struggle to reach the camp. It was delicious, warming and filling, on a very cold and wet night.

I had not attempted such a tough hiking challenge before. My scouting group had risen to the challenge of hiking from Padstow to Fowey (pronounced ‘Foy’), a well-known walk, coast to coast, between north and south Cornwall.

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difficult times, hunger, camping, hiking, nutrition, memories

Feeding the Food

Tina Biscuit

The snow lay deep, but not crisp, nor even.
I trudged on, no Wenceslas to follow.
Three sheep were lost, and that was my mission.
The farmer, who cared, had asked me to look.
Camouflage so poor, was working that day:
Off-white on white, concealing my quarry.
Temperatures tumbled, while futility knocked,
I stopped for a moment, ready to fail.

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Poem, animals, farming, nutrition, stories

Feeding the Mind

Around five years ago, I stopped eating. Just stopped. I ate one day, and not the next. I woke that morning with a dreadful fear that anything that entered my system would make me horrifically sick, rendering me unable to leave the house. These thoughts invaded my mind every time I attempted to feed myself, so in the end it was easier just not to do it at all.

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illness, nutrition, hard times


Thomas Ferris

On screen in black and white,
blink blink, mothering time, you got it right.
Nine months of growth and hormonal change,
Body begins to rearrange.
I see your pain as your hips pop,
See your belly grow and your feet flop.
I rub your back as you burp and fart,
And then the notions start.
Toast and ice-cream, beans and custard,
chicken curry and full spoon of mustard,
chocolate and custard sometimes just coal,
such a concoction for our blossoming foal.
Then back to the black and white for our bonnie wee man,

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Poem, parenting, family, nutrition

Foodie Tips Courtesy of Yuri Gagarin

Sherry Morris, @Uksherka

I remember the day I got my plot at the local community garden. I felt a mixture of fear and excitement. Fear because I wasn’t sure I could grow anything. Excitement because if I could grow something, anything – be it potatoes, spinach, peas, broad beans – it’d be very satisfying to eat the food I’d grown. I knew there was something else in this mixture, something deeper – I couldn’t name it then, but I could feel it.

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