Sunday Mornings


With a grin on my face, I know these smells
Wafting through the air, and it's only 9 bells
Deep inhales to savour the flavour 
Dad's in the kitchen doing us a favour
I jump out of bed rubbing my eyes
Walking up the hall, what a surprise 
The smells are flowing, soups, stews, the lot
Hope he's not forgot the hotpot
Is this deja vue or am I dreaming 
Open the kitchen door, this place is steaming
Strutting his stuff, tools in hand
Pots, plates and frying pans
Veg on the table all diced and sliced

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Poem, memories, family, cooking, comfort

Ma wee chickens

Justin McDonald

Cutting up chicken in wee Molly’s palace
Nae breadcrumbs left, porridge oats on the wing
Add sea salt to flour to develop that palate
Lemon juice always improves the zing

All fed up and nourished well
Time to get wrapped up for Rothesay pier
Might need to weigh down the windy weans
This buggy is getting more difficult to steer

Once again no bread or crumbs left
Windy weans are now screamin’ weans
Gulls that size: as big as vultures
Perhaps signalling the end of our ventures

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Poem, sea, children, bread, memories

Oh! Sweet Sweet Dreams / Food to die eat for


Oh! Sweet Sweet Dreams!

I swam gracefully
through the custard lake
leaving Toblerone yachts
in my wake
among a shoal
of flying fish
made from Cadbury’s
chocolate flake.

Whilst up above
in candy puff clouds
Jelly Babies pirouetted
on lollipop swings
and played
hide and seek
among liquorice strings

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Poem, sweets, dieting

Prepare a Meal with Zeal

Nick Scobie

I’m preparing a healthy meal
I’ll prepare it with great zeal
Freshly squeezed orange juice to start
Orange juice from a pack or a bottle can depart
I am making soup today
I like to make it my own way
Some of the veg has been grown by me
Are my potatoes and carrots tasty? – we’ll see
Parsnips, turnip and some peppers too
And some leeks which my neighbour grew
Garlic, stock cubes and a bit of ham
I’m happy with this – I really am

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Poem, cooking, soup, vegetables, nutrition, health remedies

Twenty Pence Mix Up

Graham B

Playing fitba doon the park
Fae early morning tae eftir dark.
The only thing that stops us play
Is the sound of the icey coming up the brae.
Sally hings oot the van blowing her whistle.
The baw ends up in stangys and thistles.
Everybody scatters like an exploding shell
The front of the queue, it’s everyman fur thur sell.
Up on ma tip taes wae ma two gless cheques
Ah ask big Sally, “Whit can ah get?”
She leans ower the tap eh me n says, “If it’s only two boattles, yaell no get a lot”

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Poem, Scots, childhood, sweets


Penny Stone

Hospitalitea: Tastes of Palestine I


Sweeter than sweet, amber tea poured into a small glass. Too hot to hold the glass without a sleeve or a clean hankie in the palm of my hand. Scent of sugar carried on the sage leaves dancing in the cup.

Sahim picked the sage, boiled the water and made this cup of tea and Abu Azzam poured it. They will have been married for fifty years next month. They have spent their whole lives together living under a military occupation, and still they take the time to sit down with family, with friends, with visitors, and drink tea.

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A flower yet to flourish

Alex Anderson

The lonely soul sits to sigh
though desperately wanting to cry
“Where are you, my sweet,
come, sweep me off my feet
and be my one true love.
I have so much to give
but I can only wait to live
I am a flower yet to flourish
needing my own one to nourish
my need to be loved and loving.”

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Poem, love, kindness

Beef Wellington

Cornton Vale Writers

Beef, chewy, beef
Served up on a Sunday
Gets stuck in your teeth,
See the dentist on Monday.

Just picture a big wellie boot
Swilling about in a puddle
Of gravy, watery gravy,
Discoloured gravy, tastes just like mud!

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Poem, meat, food experiences

Bump in the road


How to survive my bump in the road

Take one large leap of faith
Two cups of kindness
One large tub of understanding
Mix with several strangers
All of whom have issues of their own
Fold in all the different personalities
Carefully, mind…
Sprinkle a handful of trust and co-operation
Add another cup of kindness, cause
you can never have too much of that
leave for fourteen months and while waiting
live, laugh, love and learn because
we are all here together.

Let’s make the most of it.

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Poem, kindness, difficult times, companionship, recipe

Costa Vale

Cornton Vale Writers

Have the full jail experience:
Indulge in our jail coffee.
No caffeine, no limits.
The healthy option.
Have a jail coffee.
Feel the warmth against your lips
As the steam rises.

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Poem, a cuppa