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A Quick Shop in the Co-Op

Alexander Hamilton

We were abandoned by our mother in our early teens; not that she left home, but following on from the death of my father, she went into mourning for the rest of her life. So we lived semi-detached lives, next door to where Fate and Bad Luck sat playing cards. If we were hungry she would indicate the general direction of the kitchen or any other area in which we might have felt a need.

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C. F. Ross

My cold just would not shift and now my husband had a sore throat. We were both feeling awful, despite using various sachets, chest rubs, tablets, linctus and soothing sweets. In desperation, I had no option but to summon up my inner witch and concoct a cold relief programme and potion.

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health remedies, soup, home cooking, recipe, illness

Bump in the road


How to survive my bump in the road

Take one large leap of faith
Two cups of kindness
One large tub of understanding
Mix with several strangers
All of whom have issues of their own
Fold in all the different personalities
Carefully, mind…
Sprinkle a handful of trust and co-operation
Add another cup of kindness, cause
you can never have too much of that
leave for fourteen months and while waiting
live, laugh, love and learn because
we are all here together.

Let’s make the most of it.

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Poem, kindness, difficult times, companionship, recipe

Charlotte & The Potato

from Charlotte & The Charlatan – and other cautionary tales

Lottie liked potatoes.
She liked them quite a lot.
She cooked them by the plateful;
she cooked them by the pot.

She loved the musical ones –
Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi;
savoured Harmony and Melody well;
Nicola, Nadine and Annabelle.

Oval, long, or round,
she’d buy them by the pound.
Fluffy, smooth, firm to the bite,
she’d purchase every type:

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Poem, cooking, potatoes, recipe, feast, diet, stories, food choices, sea


M.M. O' Toole

The smell of baking is said to entice buyers if you are selling your home. The mantra of real estate agents all over the world – bread or cookies. Maybe it works. Maybe it just makes everyone hungry.

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recipe, bread, baking, home cooking, memories, family, a cuppa

Meringue: a 2/4 beat recipe

Andrea Vanlandschoot

Step forward two egg whites
out of their shells into the light of
a bowl big enough to give free
rein to the whisking skills come down
the family tree. Your mum was ace
she whipped up an egg white storm
never missing a beat
Alas her skills skipped a generation
and you set the electric mixer switch on low
until the bloom of foam
appears in that bowl
cue to increase the speed and stir up
the rhythm until you reach the stiff
white peaks you had in mind
allow yourself a peek at that awesome

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Poem, family, recipe, food traditions, food history

New Mexico Nourishment

Can you make your favourite, absolutely favourite-favourite take away meal at home in your own kitchen? Think about it. Gather the ingredients in your mind as if you are setting them before you on the counter. Can you even gather them all in your imagination, much less from your local shop, or the specialty shop on the other side of town? And then, of course, why bother? You can just run over there, or order it on an app on your phone and have it brought right to your door.

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Cathy Martin

Mince and tatties are alright,
And salads too.
Nothing too strong – not a curry!
I like custard and fruit.
Salads are good for you – so is soup.
I used to cook when I was at the farm.
I made pancakes at the WRI and won 3rd place with them. I still like to make pancakes sometimes.

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recipe, food choices


To Nourish means to care for and love, and the way I was brought up to show this is with food. I remember my mother’s fishcakes, oh how I loved them. She would make them from Hake steaks bought from Mrs Hartley, the fishmongers at the bottom of Risedale road, Barrow in Furness. Oh they were good.  She would poach the hake in milk with salt, white pepper and a couple of dried bay leaves. The fish would be flaked and mixed with an equal amount of cold buttery mashed potato.

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Roast Chicken

Jane Cooper

My invariable breakfast was a splintery little sandwich of two cream crackers – buttered, salted, stuck face to face and then cut in half; washed down with hot chocolate. Even now, if I make myself a mugful on a winter night, I have to get the crackers out to keep it company.

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