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A Burns Supper

Stephen Murphy

The smell of haggis, totties and turnip wafted through the living room. We had just moved to this three-bedroomed semi in November of ‘84 after thirty years in a tenement in Possilpark, where Mum had brought up five of a family. She had a Burns Night every other year but this was the first one I had really taken notice of. It was like a house warming for her as well. There were roughly sixteen people there that night, but we fitted better than we ever would’ve in the old tenement.

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scotland, food traditions, family, memories, cooking, Scots

A Dog's Dinner!

Charlotte Bennie

Occasionally, we have a Big Nicht Oot, especially over the winter, what with the festive season and Burns’ Suppers. And, of course, Mr. Dog comes along. I once met a woman whose Guide Dog never accompanied her at evening functions; she felt he’d be too tired.

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animals, fine dining, Scots

A Poke o' Buns


We bide aside the scuil. Oor mammy canny streetch tae scuil denners, sic we aye cam hame fir hame-makkit soup an breid, an, noo an than, puddin.

The kitchen is cauld the day. Awthing wis aw’richt when we win awa this mornin, bit noo somethin’s wrang; the day thur’s nae soup, an oor granny’s sittin worryin the side o hur face wi hur fingers. Granny says oor mither hud givin oor ludgers thur breakfast, then cryed oan the doactor. An ambulance cam fir hur. She didnae pit oot oor lunch.

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Scots, family, childhoood

Boeuf Bourguingon (Glasgow Style)

Hey Pe'er d'ye mind in France last year
And the stew you ate when we wur there
Well am gonnae show ye how it's made
But don't be scerred a'll be it yer side

First of a' ye cut up the steak
Don't worry too much if ye make a mistake
Put the oil in the frying pan and get it hoat
Noo put some meat in, but no a loat.

Broon the garlic and the onion - aye they pong
But they're whit keep the flavours strong
Wance that's done, add in the rid wine
Aye a'll let ye hiv some another time.

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Poem, Scots, make your own

Cinnamon Toast

Diane Anderson

Mam’s nae muckle o a cook. Faan she mairrit she couldna hardly bile an egg. Puir wifie mairrit intae a faimly o dochter-in-laws faa aw bakit an wid aw dae afore they bocht a funcy piece. Thir tins wis aye ful. Sincesyne she his nivver taen pleasure fae daein oanythin in the kitchen.

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Scots, make your own, home cooking

Civic Pride

Jim White

Near to Glasgow's City Chambers, I came across a fellow who was down on his luck. He had been a food critic in his day, but after becoming less discriminate in his alcohol intake, he had hit a downward spiral. Begging for his provisions, successfully by the size of the 'cairy-oot' that accompanied him, he had been told to keep away from the vicinity of the Civic offices.

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scotland, Scots, stories

Dairylee Pieces

Elizabeth Etheridge

My Da was a frugal man. As the father of eight I suppose he had to be. But, there were times when his frugality took the mick. As a school-leaver I was excited to join the workforce at the local CO-OP sweat shop. Only my Da, the Master of the kitchen press, had the power to disseminate pieces, milk, or tea. So on the morning of my first industrial endeavour he handed me a poke and said, "Don't eat aww yer pieces at tea-time, save some fir yer dinner." As I sat around with the rest of the workforce at tea-break and opened my poke of pieces, I observed two pieces.

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hard times, scotland, family, memories, Scots

Dinner at the library!

On Saturdays, me and ma Daddy went tae the libery. It was doon at the bottom ae’ the street ma Granny lived on. I loved the libery. I could get three books oot at a time. I used tae find two storybooks quite quickly, but then, the third…? That wis a wee bit harder. An’ I didnae want tae rush it. Sometimes I wis in there for hours!

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stories, memories, childhood, family, Scots

Fish 'n Chips

Pete Drummie

It’d been a good summer's week fishing in Sutherland with my friends. The highlight of the trip was catching some char on the Calm Loch. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I’d caught but master angler Dave put me right when he exclaimed, “No way, that’s a char. I heard they were in here but I’ve never seen any.”

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scotland, Scots, fish supper, hunger, travel, memories

Glorious Food

Kate Gordon

D'ye mind when yer mammy made tatties an mince
Fu' o' onions an carrots an neeps,
A roll n Lorne sausage wi' HP on toap,
A big bowla soup an a piece. 

Biled eggs wi' butter mashed up in a cup,
Herrins in oatmeal an mash,
Steak pie an peas or a nice gigot chop,
Ham an cabbage an corn beef hash.

Rhubarb or aipples baked intae a sponge,
Pineapple chunks in ice cream,
A big clootie dumplin a' burstin wi' fruit,
That filled the hale kitchen wi' steam.

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Poem, Scots, scotland, memories