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A is for Apple

George Roy

Act One.

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A Literary Diet

Liz Power

My mum, a Yorkshire farmer’s wife, was a frustrated bookworm – more interested in words than food. She was an accomplished juggler of a full-time job as a midwife, rounder-up of escaped cows and mother of four children.

Our household extended to six when my aunt, uncle and two cousins came to live with us for a while, in that foodie desert era, known as the 1970s, where the height of gastronomic sophistication appeared to be dried Vesta curries, Smash Mash and Black Forest Gateau.

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a plate-licker

Donal McLaughlin

...he wouldn’t’ve started school yet and he started at the age of four mind and his Mammy Cluskey was still alive at the time, obviously, cos it was her made the salad.

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Banana Thief

Laura McLean

I am the proud owner of two beautiful male dumbo rats, also known as fancy rats. One a brown cinnamon called Beris, the other a grey and white Russian blue called Darios. I named them after two characters from two different novel series I am working on.

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Banquet of my Mind


Inside of my head there are a dozen tables covered with red and purple silk cloths. Upon them, spread out, is a magnificent banquet of a variety of delicious, new ideas that have formed over time.

I still can't believe that this buffet of a mind belongs to me; at last I have a place in which I can rule as Queen.

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Bread and Stories

Linda Cracknell

Morningside Road, late afternoon on a weekday evening and I’m drinking tea and eating a chocolate brownie, alone in the window of a café with my back to other customers; mostly one to each table. Between me and the shop windows opposite, a river rushes: cars, vans, buses, cyclists and pedestrians – children going home from school or on their way to music lessons. Through the blur I notice – perhaps prompted by the brownie which is particularly, stickily succulent – a baker’s, ‘Goodfellow & Steven’. It looks closed, at least from this side.

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By Appointment

Morag Campbell

Following his appointment as Chaplain to the Queen, the reverend Norman McVicar was, in due course, invited to Balmoral for a weekend in September with a preaching engagement at Crathie Kirk.

The sermon had been rewritten many times. Mr MacVicar looked for a theme sufficiently obscure that her Majesty’s archbishops would not already have preached to death.

That Sunday morning a nervous Norman made do with a cup of black coffee for breakfast. He wondered if his dissertation would be discussed over lunch or forgotten before they got home.

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Cake Bribe

Daniel Brady

A note from the Author:

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Charlotte & The Potato

from Charlotte & The Charlatan – and other cautionary tales

Lottie liked potatoes.
She liked them quite a lot.
She cooked them by the plateful;
she cooked them by the pot.

She loved the musical ones –
Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi;
savoured Harmony and Melody well;
Nicola, Nadine and Annabelle.

Oval, long, or round,
she’d buy them by the pound.
Fluffy, smooth, firm to the bite,
she’d purchase every type:

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Civic Pride

Jim White

Near to Glasgow's City Chambers, I came across a fellow who was down on his luck. He had been a food critic in his day, but after becoming less discriminate in his alcohol intake, he had hit a downward spiral. Begging for his provisions, successfully by the size of the 'cairy-oot' that accompanied him, he had been told to keep away from the vicinity of the Civic offices.

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