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Antie Mary’s Auld Kitchen

Emma Guinness

Pot wis piled oan pot efter pot
In Antie Mary’s auld kitchen.
The doors wur hangin’
By their hinges
Like Antie Mary hursel.
Ah wis just a wean when she tellt
Me hoo tae make sticky
Meringues wi’ strawbs an’ cream.

Salt oan cheesy twists left a bitter
Taste in ma mooth
Like the big reid button
Ootside the kitchen.
The button Antie Mary didnay press
When she fell
Doon wan last time.
She lay oan that flair fur days.

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DJ Fox

People look at me strangely: "Are you allergic to them?", "What's not to like?", "These are straight out the garden, you'll love them."

Strawberries were a luxury in our house, only available in the summer, and only served when people came to tea, which wasn’t often. Snowed under by a mountain of sugar and drenched in Nestle’s condensed milk, I loved them. Then, when I was thirteen, I went to The Berries.

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memories, summer, fruit, food experiences, scotland

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Troon?

Morag Driver

As the week progressed, too slowly for our liking, our childish excitement would almost reach fever pitch. How our parents put up with us, I will never know. “Are we going to Troon on Sunday, mum?”, “Can we go to the beach, please?” I don’t know how it had ever come about, or who had originally arranged it, but every Sunday during the summer months during the 1960’s – twenty of our relatives, cousins and their respective parents – would fill the various cars and drive down the Ayrshire coast to the small town of Troon. It wasn’t even a very long journey.

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family, feast, summer, camping, treats, memories, children

Eat, Drink and be Merry... with care

Jen Moore

That Saturday evening Glasgow's West End basked in brilliant summer sunshine. The heat had blistered the tarmac roads. Around Ashton Lane, the air buzzed with energy as couples and little groups bustled along the cobbled lanes checking out the bars, cafes, menu boards and cinema times. The aromas from the Indian restaurant were hypnotic. We took our seats at one of its many tiny tables for two, arranged in long rows. Most were already occupied by couples completely engrossed in each other.

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love, fine dining, memories, summer, companionship, stories

Salad Summer

Karen Cooper

Washing machine whirring frantically, gearing itself up for one final, spinning frenzy. I found myself looking around at my own cleaning machine, before my brain took charge to remind me that next door wasn't as far away as I would have liked. A blackbird warbled greetings to its feathered friends fluttering around the garden, the peace returned. As the sun beat down on my face, a happy memory popped into my head. I knew it was happy – I got that warm feeling as if my whole body was smiling.

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The Envelope

Kevin Ferguson

I pulled the drawer out with a crash. As it tumbled over, the contents spilled and spiralled as if in slow motion and I remember thinking, ‘I’ll never catch all that.’ Everything fell in a jumble. Then, as I put the drawer down beside me, I spotted the wee envelope – folded over and lying at the back of the space, on top of the crossbar of the kitchen unit. My heart quickened as I saw it – was it some long lost treasure? It was a simple little white envelope, originally smooth but now scored with folds and a little crinkled and faded from having been lost behind the drawer.

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family, parenthood, cooking, summer, memories, love, scotland

The White Villa

Nella Piatek

I recall that day; the weather was intensifying in heat and the summer was most unbearable of them all. As Natalie and I lay on her white, silken decorated bed, our pubescent limbs hanging from all sides and eyes focused on the equally white ceiling, we decided to visit Natalie’s family in Ostrava for a family dinner. We have long nourished the ambition to discover different lands and seas that this world has to offer, but as young folks, with only a backpack and our own wafer-thin legs – we decided to head east of our own lands first.

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memories, childhood, summer, travel, family, home, hiking