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A Blessed Afternoon Tea

Maggie Mackay

The table is set, clothed in embroidered white doves
and matching napkins. There are silver pastry forks
beside bright Royal Albert plates, three places,
my mother not quite sure where she should sit.
The room fills with scents of dried fruit,
Ruth and Miriam’s familiar sweets,
and home-made raspberry jam’s modern sweet,
wafts of white sugar and farm butter.

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Poem, treats, baking, sweets, family, a cuppa

A Good Thing Wrapped in Another Good Thing

Johnny Owens

I woke up the morning after, bleary eyed and nauseated, stomach still raw from the night before. It was 6.00pm and I'd been asleep for sixteen hours. I propped myself up on my elbows before easing my way into a sitting position. I looked around at the room I'd grown up in while a sense of icy dread settled in the pit of my stomach, as the realisation began to set in. In that moment, I longed to melt back into those few seconds after I woke. That place – found after hours in a deep sleep – where the reality of this world, this place, is entirely uncertain to you, if only for a brief moment.

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family, love, difficult times, sweets

A Moment with Mary Shaw

John Marletta

Mary Shaw told me this story, stressing that despite her age she was not present in the audience. During World War Two a nutritionist was sent from London to help the women of Glasgow make the most of any local food produce. The woman held a presentation in a Glasgow hall that was well attended and among her themes was the making of soup from fish bones. The soup was prepared and after the demonstration, questions were sought. From the audience a woman asked the only question that day – “What happened to the rest of the fish?”

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Biscuits at Dawn

When we were growing up, we loved staying at my grandma and papa's house. For that night, my sister and I would soak up their attention, away from our noisy elder brothers. By day, we would run circles round the garden, which went all the way around the house so it seemed to go on forever.

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Grandparents, childhood, memories, family, sweets, baking

Cake Bribe

Daniel Brady

A note from the Author:

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family, Grandparents, baking, sweets, hunger, stories

Can it!

CL Griffiths

My Granny's recipe book comprised of a catalogue of messages for the local Co-op, scribbled on the back of an old envelope. She could cook anything, so long as it came out of a can. It listed delights such as canned meat, canned potatoes, canned carrots, canned peas, canned gravy, and a tinned pudding... with canned custard, of course. If the supermarket stocked cans of salad it would have made the top of the list.

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Grandparents, childhood, food experiences, sweets

Caramel Cake

Peter Hendry

I remember when I first started primary school and getting my first piece of caramel cake. It was amazing! It was the best I ever had. It was my favourite cake. All the rest are nothing compared to my first piece of caramel cake at primary school.   

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sweets, childhood, memories, treats

Chippy Friday


At last, Friday night and its Chippy Friday! That means dinner tonight is from the café and it’s fish suppers followed by ice cream. Gloriously yummy.

I can remember so well the excitement and the anticipation of that meal. It started with going up the street with Mum’s big basket with the shopping purse and the towel inside, then coming home as quickly as possible to eat it all. Whenever I got home from the chippy run, the ice cream was put into the freezer section of the big HMV fridge. All these things are now long gone.

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fish supper, family, sweets, treats, childhood


Catherine Mcdonald

as you contemplate
the first bite
beyond wildest dreams
flow into your mouth

Lips part
as beads of sweat
run from your forehead
chocolate touches your tongue
your face contorts 

The last piece dissolves
with everything else around you
melted chocolate arouses
as it escapes from your mouth

Now the plate is empty and hungry
along with your heart …

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Poem, treats, sweets, chocolate

Friday Sweets

What always made the end of the week special was the after school trip to the wee Italian Cafe in Busby.

Our special treat - for my brother, my sister and I - was to have Friday Sweets. We weren't allowed sweets the rest of the week.

We had to wait until Friday. Such a special trip - the smell of the cafe, the excitement of choosing your favourite "quarter" from the endless rows of jars on the shelves. Midget Gems, Strawberry Bon Bons, Turkish Delight, Soor Ploms. It was a euphoria of sensory delights.

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family, sweets, parenthood, memories, love