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A Blessed Afternoon Tea

Maggie Mackay

The table is set, clothed in embroidered white doves
and matching napkins. There are silver pastry forks
beside bright Royal Albert plates, three places,
my mother not quite sure where she should sit.
The room fills with scents of dried fruit,
Ruth and Miriam’s familiar sweets,
and home-made raspberry jam’s modern sweet,
wafts of white sugar and farm butter.

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Poem, treats, baking, sweets, family, a cuppa

A Feast of Marzipan

Tim Sinclair

A grey-haired man pauses in the kitchen doorway. He is lost in wonder as he looks across the room to the two ovens, enamelled in a cooling duck-egg blue. The pale colouring contrasts dramatically with the black of the cooker top and the polished steel of the hotplate lid. It is no larger than any standard cooker, but this is cast-iron and it's a new design. It stands serene beside drab kitchen cupboards and the ubiquitous white fridge. It is a marvel.

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baking, cooking, treats, memories, childhood, Easter

Antie Mary’s Auld Kitchen

Emma Guinness

Pot wis piled oan pot efter pot
In Antie Mary’s auld kitchen.
The doors wur hangin’
By their hinges
Like Antie Mary hursel.
Ah wis just a wean when she tellt
Me hoo tae make sticky
Meringues wi’ strawbs an’ cream.

Salt oan cheesy twists left a bitter
Taste in ma mooth
Like the big reid button
Ootside the kitchen.
The button Antie Mary didnay press
When she fell
Doon wan last time.
She lay oan that flair fur days.

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Apricots and Toffee

Melanie McAinsh, @mmca256

When we emigrated from Glenrothes to Johannesburg in 1970, Dad said there would be orange and banana trees in the street, ripe for picking. It wasn't really like that but the Van der Meer family next door had an apricot tree in their yard and a swimming pool.

Every morning the sun woke me. As I yawned and stretched I could see any changes in the tree. The blossoms came first, the pale papery flowers opening for what seemed only a moment before giving way to hazelnut sized balls which fattened and developed an embarrassed blush of orange.

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family, travel, scotland, childhood, children, fruit, treats, memories

Banana Thief

Laura McLean

I am the proud owner of two beautiful male dumbo rats, also known as fancy rats. One a brown cinnamon called Beris, the other a grey and white Russian blue called Darios. I named them after two characters from two different novel series I am working on.

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animals, family, stories, nutrition, fruit, treats

Bird's Dream Topping

Lesley Hendry

Toffee popcorn and juicy water stowed
Ready to set off on the sunny road
New beach shoes and bathing suit
Chosen themselves, but oh so cute
Little ones landed on the beach with glee
Eyes wide, fascinated by rolling sea
Buckets and spades tumbled down together
As little legs toddled hell for leather
Into the water with shrieks and gasps
Nana running, a hand of each she grasps
As rolling waves break, the trio jump
Until the youngest takes the hump
Tiring, soaked and a little chilled
Sand castles and moats, really thrilled

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Poem, children, Grandparents, feast, treats

Can you keep a secret?

Stuart McQueen

I’ve got a surprise for you...
If I tell you a secret,
Can you keep it?

I like ham and pineapple pizzas as it tastes so good.
I love boiled fish in a bag, it’s my favourite kind of food.
Home-made soup, potato and leek.
Cheesecake and pineapple cake “Yum” any day of the week!

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Poem, food choices, treats

Caramel Cake

Peter Hendry

I remember when I first started primary school and getting my first piece of caramel cake. It was amazing! It was the best I ever had. It was my favourite cake. All the rest are nothing compared to my first piece of caramel cake at primary school.   

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sweets, childhood, memories, treats

Chippy Friday


At last, Friday night and its Chippy Friday! That means dinner tonight is from the café and it’s fish suppers followed by ice cream. Gloriously yummy.

I can remember so well the excitement and the anticipation of that meal. It started with going up the street with Mum’s big basket with the shopping purse and the towel inside, then coming home as quickly as possible to eat it all. Whenever I got home from the chippy run, the ice cream was put into the freezer section of the big HMV fridge. All these things are now long gone.

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fish supper, family, sweets, treats, childhood


Catherine Mcdonald

as you contemplate
the first bite
beyond wildest dreams
flow into your mouth

Lips part
as beads of sweat
run from your forehead
chocolate touches your tongue
your face contorts 

The last piece dissolves
with everything else around you
melted chocolate arouses
as it escapes from your mouth

Now the plate is empty and hungry
along with your heart …

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Keywords (not used): 
Poem, treats, sweets, chocolate