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Communal Living: Duddingston, 1961

Brian A

I will try to explain how we got through the bad times and some good times and how the actual facts about nourishment were applied growing up, not knowing what was for breakfast lunch or tea. If there was porridge it was made with water as nine times out of ten there was no milk as more than likely the milkman hadn't been paid, so if you didn't like porridge, hard chuckies. More than likely you went to school hungry, so basically that would have been your nourishment from the house for the day.

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Kevin Addies

I jumped off the bus at Kirkcaldy and straight into the bakers to get a couple of steak bridies. Even in the rain, I wasn’t caring as I did the Scottish version of al fresco dining - eating hastily on the hoof - biting into the first bridie, savouring every fibre, every molecule of the meaty pastry perfection. I paused for breath and that small second was all it took for a seagull to swoop straight in and swipe the bridie right out of my hand. It was so deft I barely saw it happen and the next thing I knew there was the said gull across the street, tearing into the remains of my bridie.

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The Food of Love

Frances Ainslie

It’s weird when it happens. I’m in a delicatessen in Italy. Cured hams and necklaces of shiny, red chillies dangle from hooks above my head. The smell of ham and coffee slaps me in the face and I’m right back in 1966, in Robertson’s, the Grocers Shop in the High Street. Light-headed, I instinctively reach for her hand – these smells never fail to conjure up memories of a time, a place, and my grandmother.

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childhood, memories, Grandparents, family

Honest Thoughts

Misty Digit


When I was a young boy of sixteen, I went to the Antarctic on Salvesen's tanker transport to take the whaler men to South Georgia. Prior to this I had never even heard of whale steaks, but our cooks made them as tender and juicy as you could wish for and with the mashed potato we were well filled. This trip lasted twelve months.

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memories, travel, sea, food experiences

Not any old toast

Jill Alexander

‘Cash book’ – unwittingly the title of my granny’s recipe book, is inscribed in faded, gold lettering on the red, splotched, worn cardboard cover. The index page, darkened with kitchen heat and time, introduces the first recipe, written with bleached fountain pen. Perkins, followed by green tomato pickle, orange marmalade then fruitcake.

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family, scotland, breakfast, memories, childhood

Nourish - An Acrostic Poem

Hazel Allan

Nipples cracked, red raw. I bite on a flannel and persevere.
Oblivious, you drink from me; your life source for a little while longer.
Unpredictable hollow defeat. This was supposed to be easy, the most natural thing.
Reluctant acceptance. A betrayal.
I am replaced by powdered nutrition; manufactured, artificial, a poor substitute.
Sterlilising, measuring, disolving and re-heating. The gadgets mock me.
Happy, you thrive; your plump satisfaction compounding my failure. A small bereavement.

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Poem, breastfeeding, parenthood


You fed me with words
morsel by morsel
fledgling food
tiny teaspoons of invalid broth
whetting my appetite
for an alphabet future. 

At first
I have been told
words would choke me
I couldn't swallow one whole
a sentence was too-long spaghetti
a paragraph, a recipe for heartache. 

But you fed me with words
and soon,
because I was famished,
I learned to chew
to taste
to savour the subtle possibilities. 

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Poem, hunger, stories, grow your own

A flower yet to flourish

Alex Anderson

The lonely soul sits to sigh
though desperately wanting to cry
“Where are you, my sweet,
come, sweep me off my feet
and be my one true love.
I have so much to give
but I can only wait to live
I am a flower yet to flourish
needing my own one to nourish
my need to be loved and loving.”

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Poem, love, kindness

Childhood Memories, A Kitchen Garden 1950

Elspeth Anderson

In the autumn of 1950 my family relocated to Temple Village. Our new home was an old stone cottage, roses round the door and an untamed garden. Post-war, government issue ration books were still required for groceries, just one shop in the street. Relatives in New York dispatched food parcels from overseas. Tinned fruit, peaches, apricots, biscuits – the delivery of the box caused great excitement.

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The Tattie Test

David Anderson

I peeled intently, with a small, sharp knife, cutting out luminous green, thanks to another famous old wife. So, was this the birth of a Sowetto grenade or that poison from which amazonian darts are made?

To remove that peel in one unbroken whole, achieve the illusive ‘all-in-oner’, was my first and foremost goal, a triumph of which to be hugely proud, not some everyday occurrence, at 11 and a bit, I shouted it loud.

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