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A Chip Butty

Freya, Ashley Road School, aged 10

When I go and visit my Nana and Papa in Glasgow, on the Friday I arrive, we all go to Alan’s Chipper. It’s a tradition. Before I see the building I smell that batter smell, it may sound rank but this certain batter smells fresh and crisp. We always get the same table every time. Apparently the place hasn’t changed at all. My Uncle Robert always orders the same pizza, I’m not sure what it’s called but I call it Robert’s Favourite. I order a standard haddock and I make a chip butty.

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A Good Roast

Emma, Cargilfield Primary School, aged 12

A good roast should be cooked to perfection and served still hot, but never so hot that it burns your mouth. It should be served with a good thick gravy and crispy potatoes and roasted parsnips with crisp yorkies. There should be carrots and peas. For dessert there should crumble or cake with proper Devon custard, still steaming, from the pan.

Everyone should be there, all the family talking and laughing together. A meal that brings the family together. That’s what a good roast should do.

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Address to the Bacon Buttie

Cara , Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

My grandad is a living legend. He is actually the best person that god ever created. I stay at his house all the time and he always makes me my favourite food for breakfast. Bacon butties. But not just any bacon butties, oh no. The bacon must be cooked to absolute perfection with just the right amount of crispiness and served between two slices of lightly toasted circular white milk bread topped with an incredibly thin layer of completely melted butter. I will NEVER EVER get bored of bacon butties as long as I live.

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Afternoon tea

Esme, Cargilfield Primary School, aged 13

It was Grandma’s birthday. We were going for afternoon tea. I was absolutely staving as Mum had not let us have breakfast. I had complained all morning about how hungry I was but Mum was having none of it. She just kept saying that if we waited, the afternoon tea would taste better.

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An adventure named Scotland


It was a week after we decided to get a dog and looked at the puppies (my family and I were sitting in a coffee shop called Heiner), when my parents broke out the news. We were going to Scotland for a year! My dad was a surgeon and he got a one-year job in a new country. At first, it was horrible news for my sister and me – my brother liked the idea of going away for a year – because we did not want to leave our friends behind. Soon, we had found a way of keeping in touch with them.

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Ross, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

I am going to tell you all about blueberries which are a circle of blue delicious fruit. It is the size of a malteser and soft. While you chew it, juice bursts out.

It has a small hole at the top from where it gets picked and put in a packet which goes to the shop. You can also get pink berries. It doesn’t have a strong smell but it smells fruity and it makes you want to taste it. When I smell it, I feel happy. (It makes me feel hungry).

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Lewis, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

Today I’ll be talking about blueberries; it is a round blue berry with a grape look inside. Freya said “she likes blueberries and she feels the tropical blast” (however Keira is the opposite). 

The blueberry reminds me of a purple grape and also, it can be sweet or sour. If you bite into it lots of blue liquid comes out, when it explodes with a pop in your mouth. When the blueberry is sweet it’s personally my favourite. Blueberries are healthy. Blueberries are blue like the tropical sky and when I eat the sour ones my face screws up like Aaron’s dog’s face! 

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Freya , Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits so today I decided to talk about them. To me they are like soft, sour or sweet little blue balls that taste like you would imagine, fantastic. I love blueberries (unlike Keira who does not like blueberries, she can’t taste the blue goodness that I can.)

Sometimes I used to like the blueberries my gran bought but now I like the tropical blast ones from Tesco.

Slowly while I chew the blueberries I can feel the blueberries like… it tasted like a grape in the middle.

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Blueberries are amazing!

Liam, Tulliallan, aged 11

The round blueberry is one of my most favourite fruit with it’s really tasty sweet and sour flavour. It’s got such a flavour and it’s probably as small as two peas combined into a big one, but blue. Probably a bit too obvious but, the blueberry is a dark blue colour, almost indigo or purple and it has a round smooth texture. Also, it has a little dip in the top of it, although I don’t know what it’s for but I assume it’s for air and keeping it fresh…. While my partner (Callan) was blindfolded I was explaining what the fruit (blueberry) tasted like.

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Abi, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Everyone has heard of blueberries, so why does barely anyone like them? They are the shape of a sphere and it is like you are eating a smooth blue crystal ball. When I first tried them they were extremely sour, but then when I swallowed it there was an aftertaste that was the best taste in the world. To me blueberries don't smell like anything but they have a very sweet juicy tast of lavender. As I reach into the bowl for another couple, I place the first in my mouth, I bite into it and I hear a little crunch of delight. The pop reminds me of booming fireworks in the distance. 

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