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Ross, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

I am going to tell you all about blueberries which are a circle of blue delicious fruit. It is the size of a malteser and soft. While you chew it, juice bursts out.

It has a small hole at the top from where it gets picked and put in a packet which goes to the shop. You can also get pink berries. It doesn’t have a strong smell but it smells fruity and it makes you want to taste it. When I smell it, I feel happy. (It makes me feel hungry).

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Lewis, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

Today I’ll be talking about blueberries; it is a round blue berry with a grape look inside. Freya said “she likes blueberries and she feels the tropical blast” (however Keira is the opposite). 

The blueberry reminds me of a purple grape and also, it can be sweet or sour. If you bite into it lots of blue liquid comes out, when it explodes with a pop in your mouth. When the blueberry is sweet it’s personally my favourite. Blueberries are healthy. Blueberries are blue like the tropical sky and when I eat the sour ones my face screws up like Aaron’s dog’s face! 

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Freya , Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits so today I decided to talk about them. To me they are like soft, sour or sweet little blue balls that taste like you would imagine, fantastic. I love blueberries (unlike Keira who does not like blueberries, she can’t taste the blue goodness that I can.)

Sometimes I used to like the blueberries my gran bought but now I like the tropical blast ones from Tesco.

Slowly while I chew the blueberries I can feel the blueberries like… it tasted like a grape in the middle.

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Blueberries are amazing!

Liam, Tulliallan, aged 11

The round blueberry is one of my most favourite fruit with it’s really tasty sweet and sour flavour. It’s got such a flavour and it’s probably as small as two peas combined into a big one, but blue. Probably a bit too obvious but, the blueberry is a dark blue colour, almost indigo or purple and it has a round smooth texture. Also, it has a little dip in the top of it, although I don’t know what it’s for but I assume it’s for air and keeping it fresh…. While my partner (Callan) was blindfolded I was explaining what the fruit (blueberry) tasted like.

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Abi, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Everyone has heard of blueberries, so why does barely anyone like them? They are the shape of a sphere and it is like you are eating a smooth blue crystal ball. When I first tried them they were extremely sour, but then when I swallowed it there was an aftertaste that was the best taste in the world. To me blueberries don't smell like anything but they have a very sweet juicy tast of lavender. As I reach into the bowl for another couple, I place the first in my mouth, I bite into it and I hear a little crunch of delight. The pop reminds me of booming fireworks in the distance. 

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Buntata Rost

Robertson, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 10

Is toil leam biadh, is toil le a h-uile daoine biadh! Tha torr diofar seorsa de biadh ann ach tha an fear as fhearr leamsa buntata rost.


Tha buntata rost am biadh as fhearr leam anns an t-saoghal oir tha iad cho blasta nuair a tha iad direach air an toirt a-mach as an amhainn. Tha taobh a-muigh cho breagha agus crasgach, tha e direach an rud as fhearr.


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