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Eat Well

Antonia, Inverclyde Academy, aged 14

Sometimes I crave junk, or maybe some fruit,

We all take food for granted, it tastes so good,

The “Eat-Well Plate” was made for a reason,

It wasn’t just for a certain season,

Sometimes I slip off the healthy side of things,

Jars of Nutella™, custard filled doughnut rings,

We really should be careful with what we eat,

‘Cos if we don’t, body problems aren’t a treat,

I love all different types of food,

Healthy kinds I like include:

Fruit and veg,

Pasta and bread,

A taste of everything, a large meal,

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Iris, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 11

Chan eil mo ghranaidh an seo a-nis. Ach nuair a bha i, bha i am beicear as fhearr anns an t-saoghal.


Rinn i pavlovas, tartaichean, paidhean, ceicean ach bha i gu h-araid math air Eclairs.


Bha fios aig a h-uile duine mu dheidhinn an eclairs aig Mairi!


Bha iad cho math le pios tecolaid tiugh air am mullach agus direach gu leor uachdar a' dol tro meadhan.


An ath triop a' bhios sinn a' faicinn seanair, tha sinn gu bhith a' coimhead airson an reasabaidh. Tha sinne a-nis airson a' feuchainn air Eclairs a' dheanamh.


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Engage My Reader

Eden, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11 years

As I look down at a circular food I start to notice that it is only about 1cm long. I can tell that it is a tiny tropical fruit. The colour is a berry blue colour. The texture is a marvellous mushy type, but even though it does not sound as appetizing, you definitely need to taste the delight for yourself. While I place this mysterious circular food into my mouth I used my back teeth to bite into it.

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fruit, food experience

Every Saturday

Nicole, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

Every Saturday was my favourite day.


In the morning me, my mum, my sister and my dad used to go to Falkirk to my gran and grandads house for the day and for lunch we had the BEST thing eve to eat… French toast, my favourite. French toast with a small amount of salt and a drizzle of HP brown sauce all over it. And also some cocktail sausages on the side.


It was basically the highlight of my Saturdays. When I finished my food in my head I wanted more but I was too full to actually eat any more. Always loved Saturdays.

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