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Horrendous cherry lips

Dowyn, Tulliallan Primary, aged 11

Grabbing the cherry teeth out of the bag, these red teeth have a shape of a red semi-circle with cherry goodness. Also the red teeth are so small it could take 5 or 6 ants to make its size. I discovered that the red teeth are the colour of my blood when I cut my arm and leg. When the red teeth touch my lips I feel a surprising touch that’s small, hard and lumpy. I actually thought red teeth were an animals teeth in blood.

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Hugh's Diet



Panel 1 - One day I was eating a sandwich

Panel 2 - Then something (happened?)

Panel 3 - School was over

Panel 4 - I went (way?) and home on the bus

Panel 5 - ATE SOME CAKE! 

Panel 6 - Mums Macaroni 

Panel 7 - and pizza, nutella and fish 'n chips for dinner / HEEEEY! / to be continued

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nutrition, children

Hyper Birthday Buffet

Lucy, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

My mum and I had planned it for over a year. A beautiful Gothic Masquerade Party for my 13th birthday, with the main focus being on the food. We planned a huge buffet with tons of choice from sugary chocolate cake, crispy sausage rolls and simple cheese and pickles. One of the favourites was definitely the pizzas we ordered. All of them were gone in minutes! We were lucky enough to find our old chocolate fountain which we filled with rich melted chocolate for people to dip fresh strawberries, fudge cubes and fluffy white and pink marshmallows in.

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