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Fiona, Cargilfield School, aged 12 years

As I look at the table covered in food,

All of the stuff my parents think is good.

Today though, it’s pretty yum

Steak and chips to fill my tum.

Wait, no veg? Oh well maybe she’s forgotten!

But how could I kid myself so? 

For there I see them, shiny and red.

Glaring down at me from the devil’s bed.

A convenient foe.

Looking so innocent, like they couldn’t hurt a fly!

But why, oh why, oh why,

Are they here?



I. Hate. Tomatoes.


I turn to my mum,

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In This Home

Sehar, Holyrood Secondary School, aged 16

Walk up the stone steps and hear the squeal of the children behind the candy wrapper stained glass window. Open the paint crusted door that you have to kick in the corner to open, and become engulfed with warmth and the memories that hum in these walls. Taste the heavenly taste of heritage on your tongue as you eat grandmother’s fall off the bone curry, feel the beating sun burn your back and smell the earthy crop, a reminder of home in this bitter cold. Try the sunshine sweet rice and stand in the sugar cane fields as you hear the goats bleat.

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