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Isabel, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 10

Gach bliadhna, ann an t-Samhain, tha mo theaghlach a' tighinn comhla airson Taingealachd. Tha na nabaidhean againn tighinn cuideachd. Tha cus daoine ann airson ar bord, 's mar sin tha cuideachd bord clann ann. Chan eil torr daoine ann an Alba a tha a' deanamh dinneir Taingealachd oir tha e tighinn bho na Staitean-Aonaichte, ma tha m' athair! Sin carson a tha sinn ga dheanamh.


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Tea and toast

Rachel, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

Do you want a cup of tea and a slice of toast? Those are the famous words you hear if you ever go to my great gran. Once I stayed there and I had 6 cups of tea and slices of toast. She is obsessed with tea! At breakfast she asks but you get 2 slices instead. Then at lunch, then at 2 o’clock, then after dinner, THEN at supper and finally before you go to bed. Usually my great gran makes her toast really golden brown and extremely dry with only a slither of butter but I’m picky about how my toast is and I typically make it myself.

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That's guid


One day I said “whits fur tea”,
Mah mither said “fairn”,
Aye ah kin that,
Whit kind o’ fairn,
Th’ farin you eat,
Whit kind o’ fairn you eat. 

Bake tatties
“kin ah hulp”,
“Aye you kin”,
“kin ah eat th’ skin off th’ tatties”,
Mmm noo that’s whit ah ca’ guid,
That’s guid. 

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Keywords (not used): 
Poem, Scots, home cooking, food experiences

The bag of cherry lips

Amy jane, Tulliallan primary school , aged 10


Nervously holding the peculiar shaped bag of cherry lips with pure curiousity; I would

Say it looked like a smooth red moon. Looking at it now it looks as small as a tear

Drop. The colour of the smooth crescent shaped sweet reminded me of cotton

Candy. The shape reminded me of a humongous whole while I was feeling the

Sweet I felt a bumpy sensation.


Next I put the unusual shaped sweet to my nose debating if I should smell it, I took a

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The Blueberry

Aaron, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10


A blueberry is a fat round healthy fruit that can keep you fit and strong. The yummy small fat round fruit can be a dark blue but not as dark as purple, and nowhere near sky blue. This I close to the [dark blue] just to make you know what colour because it is a wonky word. Blueberries is a fruit what my family eats it’s a great fruit I would rate it 9/10 in my opinion it’s a wonderful fruit.

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The cherry lips

Alyssa , Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

Some of the crescent cherry lips look like a cheerful smile, but I think the tasteless cherry lips look like tiny blood red, foam bananas. Surprisingly they are as small as a mouse’s dinner. Weirdly the texture of the revolting cherry lips is smooth and soft, while the cherry lips are smooth, I am wondering how on earth they're not rough.


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The Feast


Watching the fireworks display on New Year’s morning is one of the best feelings that you will ever experience. Celebrating the start of a New Year, making New Year’s Resolutions and spending quality time as a family. After a while, once we all begin to yawn and face the struggle of keeping our eyes open, we depart from the sitting room and when we are in bed – we almost instantly fall asleep.

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The Fish Finger story

Sumayyah, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 14

So one time my mum and dad were going out for a meal and my aunty was looking after me and my brother Aadam. It was dinner time and she decided to make fish fingers, chips and spaghetti hoops but Aadam hated fish fingers so he was not looking forward to eating his dinner. My aunty had finished making it so me and Aadam sat down at the table and started to eat. I finished my food and Aadam had only eaten his chips and spaghetti. He was constantly moaning so he got up and sneaked to the kitchen window and chucked out his fish fingers.

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The Haribo Horror

Emma, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 14

I love food. That’s it. There are no words to describe how much I love it. Except for one traumatic event that left me questioning everything.


It was the 7th June 2008. I was sitting quite happily with my little sister watching “The Tweenies” with my favourite ever bag of sweets in the whole wide world. Haribo Starmix! It was just after my birthday so I had a massive amount of sweets but obviously I went for the haribos first.


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The St John's Nursery Annual Burns Supper!

Katie, aged 17

The permission slip instructed parents to clothe their child in something tartan. Be it a hairbow in the slicked back, blonde ponytails of the girls; or a sash of family tartan on the boys, parents took great delight in playing dress up that day.

My mother took it a step further.

When your daughter is 16 kilos above the ideal weight of 16 kilos for a 4 year old child, the tartan dress might be best kept in the bowels of the wardrobe. I resembled a novelty tartan doorstop.

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