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That's guid


One day I said “whits fur tea”,
Mah mither said “fairn”,
Aye ah kin that,
Whit kind o’ fairn,
Th’ farin you eat,
Whit kind o’ fairn you eat. 

Bake tatties
“kin ah hulp”,
“Aye you kin”,
“kin ah eat th’ skin off th’ tatties”,
Mmm noo that’s whit ah ca’ guid,
That’s guid. 

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The Feast


Watching the fireworks display on New Year’s morning is one of the best feelings that you will ever experience. Celebrating the start of a New Year, making New Year’s Resolutions and spending quality time as a family. After a while, once we all begin to yawn and face the struggle of keeping our eyes open, we depart from the sitting room and when we are in bed – we almost instantly fall asleep.

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