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Buntata Rost

Robertson, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 10

Is toil leam biadh, is toil le a h-uile daoine biadh! Tha torr diofar seorsa de biadh ann ach tha an fear as fhearr leamsa buntata rost.


Tha buntata rost am biadh as fhearr leam anns an t-saoghal oir tha iad cho blasta nuair a tha iad direach air an toirt a-mach as an amhainn. Tha taobh a-muigh cho breagha agus crasgach, tha e direach an rud as fhearr.


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Cherry Lips

Jenna, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

As my teeth pierce into the chewy candied sweet named cherry lips, they are blood red colour with a lip structure. They are as miniscule as a petal from a daisy. The aroma is lavender scented while the aftertaste is berry flavour. Also, they have a neat lip shape.

The scent is so refreshed there’s a hint of perfumed lavender and cherry mixed together to make the perfect sweet. My mouth waters when I eat them, every time they're present my eyes light up, every time I smell them it is so tempting not to take one or two.

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sweets, treats, food experience

Cherry lips are horrible!

Amber, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Previously, Primary 7 did a taste test and it was incredibly unpleasant, Cherry lips are awful! In fact, Cherry lips taste so bad I would rather eat soap than these rotten sweets but sadly, Cherry lips taste like soap! They are smiley shaped sweets that can make you burst out with excitement but when you put them in your mouth, you think they should be frowns instead of grins. Actually, they are as small as a blueberry but as powerful as a punch in the face. While they look innocent, they are planning to make your day a disaster!

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Cherry Lips!

Hannah, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

An eerie red banana smelling flowery and perfumed; Cherry lips. While these rosy, scarlet and red crescents are as tiny as tic tacs they pack a punch. Sadly this sweet is overly chewy and will stick to your teeth like paper and glue or something very sticky. As a kick of gelatine hits the back of your mouth you get a pungent taste.

Before my papa passed I remember him having a stash in his big heavy Barbour jacket. His pockets were so deep like huge black holes. It was like his pockets had been marked by the sweet-smelling aroma. Biting in brought back so many soapy memories.

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Cherry Lips!

Abigail, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11


Their unusual looking shape that looks nothing like lips seems fruity at first, but as your teeth bite into the oddly shaped lips, a rush of soapy taste hits you. My mum has a wee bit of a sweet tooth for the red sweets. 

The smell wafts about like a swarm of wasps (in the air); the smell reminds you of a Caribbean cocktail. As you bite into the jelly-like sweets your face screws up in disgust. You soon regret ever eating them; a bubbly spongy unusual taste however my mum is obsessed with them.

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sweets, family, treats

Courgettes for Breakfast

Mr Taylor, Cargilfield School, aged 49

It is fair to say that my brother is a resolute individual. He has the qualities of determination that have been much valued during his career as an Officer in the British Army. Staying power. Resilience. He is indefatigable, if nothing else. Tenacity is his middle name (it isn’t…he doesn’t have a middle name). He is indomitable, resolute, dogged.

It is also worth noting that my younger brother was not always the admirable model of single-mindedness. The now-esteemed Brigadier was once a seven year old boy and, back then, steadfast could look a lot like stubborn.

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Cucumber Anns An Amar

Chiron, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 10

Tha cucumber am biadh as fhearr leam, tha mi ag ithe TTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR cucumbers!


Aon triop bha mi ag ithe fear slan anns an amar. Fhuair an cucumber uabhasach fluich oir bha mi a' leigeil an cucumber a' plodadh mun cuairt. Bha mi ag ithe an cucumber uile an oidhche sin. Nuair a bha mi nam chadal, dhuisg mi oir bha a h-uile cail fluich. Bha mi air deanamh an taigh-bheag anns mo leabaidh!

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Eat Well

Antonia, Inverclyde Academy, aged 14

Sometimes I crave junk, or maybe some fruit,

We all take food for granted, it tastes so good,

The “Eat-Well Plate” was made for a reason,

It wasn’t just for a certain season,

Sometimes I slip off the healthy side of things,

Jars of Nutella™, custard filled doughnut rings,

We really should be careful with what we eat,

‘Cos if we don’t, body problems aren’t a treat,

I love all different types of food,

Healthy kinds I like include:

Fruit and veg,

Pasta and bread,

A taste of everything, a large meal,

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Iris, Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Ghleann Dail, aged 11

Chan eil mo ghranaidh an seo a-nis. Ach nuair a bha i, bha i am beicear as fhearr anns an t-saoghal.


Rinn i pavlovas, tartaichean, paidhean, ceicean ach bha i gu h-araid math air Eclairs.


Bha fios aig a h-uile duine mu dheidhinn an eclairs aig Mairi!


Bha iad cho math le pios tecolaid tiugh air am mullach agus direach gu leor uachdar a' dol tro meadhan.


An ath triop a' bhios sinn a' faicinn seanair, tha sinn gu bhith a' coimhead airson an reasabaidh. Tha sinne a-nis airson a' feuchainn air Eclairs a' dheanamh.


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Engage My Reader

Eden, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11 years

As I look down at a circular food I start to notice that it is only about 1cm long. I can tell that it is a tiny tropical fruit. The colour is a berry blue colour. The texture is a marvellous mushy type, but even though it does not sound as appetizing, you definitely need to taste the delight for yourself. While I place this mysterious circular food into my mouth I used my back teeth to bite into it.

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fruit, food experience