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In This Home

Sehar, Holyrood Secondary School, aged 16

Walk up the stone steps and hear the squeal of the children behind the candy wrapper stained glass window. Open the paint crusted door that you have to kick in the corner to open, and become engulfed with warmth and the memories that hum in these walls. Taste the heavenly taste of heritage on your tongue as you eat grandmother’s fall off the bone curry, feel the beating sun burn your back and smell the earthy crop, a reminder of home in this bitter cold. Try the sunshine sweet rice and stand in the sugar cane fields as you hear the goats bleat.

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Euan, Tulliallan primary school, aged 10

Jelly beans are a delicious snack. They are really nice because they can be all different shapes and sizes. When you bite into the chewy snack the sugar inside makes me extremely hyper. The size of them can be as small as a pea or as big as a blueberry. While you eat them the taste will completely explode in your mouth. 

My gran loves jelly beans, she has a ton of them in her cupboard. The smell of jelly beans are so good that every time I smell them I can taste them in my mouth. I really like them. (But my dad hates them). 

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Making Meringues


I have a memory of when I was in P5; Mrs Gauld, my friends and I had to make meringues for a school event. First, we had to separate the yolk and the egg white, Mrs Gauld said that the easiest way to do that is to get a small cup and put it on top of the yolk then collect the egg white. When we tried we messed up every time but when Emma tried she got just enough so that we could move on. The next step involved Harley whisking the egg white, when he finished the egg white looked so white and fluffy. After that, Bethlin slowly added the sugar, then Harley got to whisk it again.

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Missed the Train


Back when I was a young sprout – see what I did there?

Anyway. Back when I was 11 years old, when my mum was still on this side of living – well, she was obsessed with shopping. Whether it was clothes or jewellery. It really was anything she liked and had the money for (sometimes she didn’t and bought it anyway).

However, my story is specific to what I like to refer to as 'Suzanne's Week of Life'. I call it this because despite everything that was going on inside my mother's body at that time, her last full week of life was the happiest I ever saw her.

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Mushroom Substitute

Oscar, Cargilfield School, aged 12

My. Sister. Hates. Mushrooms.

No kidding. Hates mushrooms.

She also has keen mushroom spotting eyes, which are very good at mushroom spotting. Actually anything we have tried, she always spots the mushrooms.

Five minutes with any meal and she’ll pounce on them and…

“Oscar are there Mushrooms in this?”

Hesitation on my part. Immediate disgust from her.

“No there aren’t any mushrooms.”

Her, suspicious, prods any lumps in her meal (or if there aren’t any lumps she just generally prods).

“You sure…?”

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My Own Open Quesadilla


My parents always care for me, give me the right things so I can grow up smart, healthy – physically and mentally strong.

My family always cook together. We rarely go to restaurants but when we go to other places, we seem to end up always making our own food using different ingredients from different parts of the world. I love this with my family.

I love everything about cooking. From preparing the fresh ingredients, then serving the food and seeing everything eaten with enjoyment. Even peeling potatoes is an art to me!

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family, home cooking, recipe, love


Summer Bull

It's funny how good food can make you forget your worries.
Your parents are getting divorced, but you’ve got that buried.
Feeling dizzy from the wine, you can’t keep yourself in a straight line,
But making a fool out of yourself is your last worry.
See, your family has always been tight-knit,
Or at least that’s what you thought until you came home for a week,
Under the false pretense of some family fun,
You wish that talk had never even begun.
The tears stream down your face in despair,

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family, difficult times



2015 January

Dear Diary,

Sorry, I’ve not written in a long time, I was very busy with Granny and my little brother Caelan.

On Monday, Caelan and I went for a sleepover. We all went to Morrison for shopping. As usual, Caelan went off doing... well, who knows. Meanwhile, Gran and I were looking for food we could have for dinner but we couldn’t find anything yet. Eventually, Caelan came back with gingerbread, Chippy menu, and sausage in beans. He went over to Gran and asked, “Can we have rolling things for dinner?”

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That's guid


One day I said “whits fur tea”,
Mah mither said “fairn”,
Aye ah kin that,
Whit kind o’ fairn,
Th’ farin you eat,
Whit kind o’ fairn you eat. 

Bake tatties
“kin ah hulp”,
“Aye you kin”,
“kin ah eat th’ skin off th’ tatties”,
Mmm noo that’s whit ah ca’ guid,
That’s guid. 

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The bag of cherry lips

Amy jane, Tulliallan primary school , aged 10


Nervously holding the peculiar shaped bag of cherry lips with pure curiousity; I would

Say it looked like a smooth red moon. Looking at it now it looks as small as a tear

Drop. The colour of the smooth crescent shaped sweet reminded me of cotton

Candy. The shape reminded me of a humongous whole while I was feeling the

Sweet I felt a bumpy sensation.


Next I put the unusual shaped sweet to my nose debating if I should smell it, I took a

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