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Every Saturday

Nicole, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

Every Saturday was my favourite day.


In the morning me, my mum, my sister and my dad used to go to Falkirk to my gran and grandads house for the day and for lunch we had the BEST thing eve to eat… French toast, my favourite. French toast with a small amount of salt and a drizzle of HP brown sauce all over it. And also some cocktail sausages on the side.


It was basically the highlight of my Saturdays. When I finished my food in my head I wanted more but I was too full to actually eat any more. Always loved Saturdays.

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Blade 0363


I really enjoy chicken pie,
I’d also have a cookie,
But there’s one thing that will never tie,
That is macaroni. 

I also think there’s something nice,
Korma is that thing,
It’s much better with some rice,
But it is not the king. 

There hides something really tasty,
A pizza on a plate,
And I’m sure you’d all agree,
That it is really great. 

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Galaxy cookie crumble

Mirren, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11


The figure of the massive bar, is oodles of petite rectangles that all bond into a humongous rectangle of chocolate cookie crumble. Suddenly parked in the corner was the polished chocolate bar; it was as big as an A4 sheet of paper. I was positioning it in my mouth. I appreciated that it was the most glossy, caramel brown chocolate bar, also it was as rough as sand but it is as silky as McDonald’s milkshakes. While I was munching on it I THOUGHT MMM this is as good as rainbow belts. (They are Delicious)

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Horrendous cherry lips

Dowyn, Tulliallan Primary, aged 11

Grabbing the cherry teeth out of the bag, these red teeth have a shape of a red semi-circle with cherry goodness. Also the red teeth are so small it could take 5 or 6 ants to make its size. I discovered that the red teeth are the colour of my blood when I cut my arm and leg. When the red teeth touch my lips I feel a surprising touch that’s small, hard and lumpy. I actually thought red teeth were an animals teeth in blood.

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Hugh's Diet



Panel 1 - One day I was eating a sandwich

Panel 2 - Then something (happened?)

Panel 3 - School was over

Panel 4 - I went (way?) and home on the bus

Panel 5 - ATE SOME CAKE! 

Panel 6 - Mums Macaroni 

Panel 7 - and pizza, nutella and fish 'n chips for dinner / HEEEEY! / to be continued

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Hyper Birthday Buffet

Lucy, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

My mum and I had planned it for over a year. A beautiful Gothic Masquerade Party for my 13th birthday, with the main focus being on the food. We planned a huge buffet with tons of choice from sugary chocolate cake, crispy sausage rolls and simple cheese and pickles. One of the favourites was definitely the pizzas we ordered. All of them were gone in minutes! We were lucky enough to find our old chocolate fountain which we filled with rich melted chocolate for people to dip fresh strawberries, fudge cubes and fluffy white and pink marshmallows in.

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Fiona, Cargilfield School, aged 12 years

As I look at the table covered in food,

All of the stuff my parents think is good.

Today though, it’s pretty yum

Steak and chips to fill my tum.

Wait, no veg? Oh well maybe she’s forgotten!

But how could I kid myself so? 

For there I see them, shiny and red.

Glaring down at me from the devil’s bed.

A convenient foe.

Looking so innocent, like they couldn’t hurt a fly!

But why, oh why, oh why,

Are they here?



I. Hate. Tomatoes.


I turn to my mum,

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In This Home

Sehar, Holyrood Secondary School, aged 16

Walk up the stone steps and hear the squeal of the children behind the candy wrapper stained glass window. Open the paint crusted door that you have to kick in the corner to open, and become engulfed with warmth and the memories that hum in these walls. Taste the heavenly taste of heritage on your tongue as you eat grandmother’s fall off the bone curry, feel the beating sun burn your back and smell the earthy crop, a reminder of home in this bitter cold. Try the sunshine sweet rice and stand in the sugar cane fields as you hear the goats bleat.

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Euan, Tulliallan primary school, aged 10

Jelly beans are a delicious snack. They are really nice because they can be all different shapes and sizes. When you bite into the chewy snack the sugar inside makes me extremely hyper. The size of them can be as small as a pea or as big as a blueberry. While you eat them the taste will completely explode in your mouth. 

My gran loves jelly beans, she has a ton of them in her cupboard. The smell of jelly beans are so good that every time I smell them I can taste them in my mouth. I really like them. (But my dad hates them). 

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Making Meringues


I have a memory of when I was in P5; Mrs Gauld, my friends and I had to make meringues for a school event. First, we had to separate the yolk and the egg white, Mrs Gauld said that the easiest way to do that is to get a small cup and put it on top of the yolk then collect the egg white. When we tried we messed up every time but when Emma tried she got just enough so that we could move on. The next step involved Harley whisking the egg white, when he finished the egg white looked so white and fluffy. After that, Bethlin slowly added the sugar, then Harley got to whisk it again.

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