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The Blueberry

Aaron, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10


A blueberry is a fat round healthy fruit that can keep you fit and strong. The yummy small fat round fruit can be a dark blue but not as dark as purple, and nowhere near sky blue. This I close to the [dark blue] just to make you know what colour because it is a wonky word. Blueberries is a fruit what my family eats it’s a great fruit I would rate it 9/10 in my opinion it’s a wonderful fruit.

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The cherry lips

Alyssa , Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

Some of the crescent cherry lips look like a cheerful smile, but I think the tasteless cherry lips look like tiny blood red, foam bananas. Surprisingly they are as small as a mouse’s dinner. Weirdly the texture of the revolting cherry lips is smooth and soft, while the cherry lips are smooth, I am wondering how on earth they're not rough.


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The Feast


Watching the fireworks display on New Year’s morning is one of the best feelings that you will ever experience. Celebrating the start of a New Year, making New Year’s Resolutions and spending quality time as a family. After a while, once we all begin to yawn and face the struggle of keeping our eyes open, we depart from the sitting room and when we are in bed – we almost instantly fall asleep.

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The Ten Food Commandments

Alex, Cargilfield, aged 12

In a desperate attempt to stop my sisters and me fighting over dinner, my mother established

                                                           The Ten Food Commandments

I.    Thou shalt not tamper with another’s food or drink

II.  Thou shalt not chew with thy mouth open

III. Thou shalt not slurp or suck

IV.  The table is holy. Thou shalt not make it unclean with books, phones, or elbows

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Things to eat I just can't stand

Todd, Cargilfield, aged 12

Things to eat I just can’t stand

I like food.

Most food tastes nice.

Food keeps you going through your day but there are some foods I just can’t stand.

Steak. A lot of people like steak but I just can’t stand how chewy it is. How it has little taste and the fat on the outside of the steak is unbearable. This is one of the foods I just can’t stand.

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Megan, Tulliallan, aged 10

This delicious monstrosity is a goldy sort of brown-colored, medium, spherical sweet called toffee. Toffee smells like caramel and chocolate melted together and it melts in your mouth and your dreams are filled with joy and happiness all throughout the night.

It sometimes melts in your mouth and it sometimes is hard to bite. Some of the time you have to hold one side of the sweet and rip it with your teeth, so if you have a wobbly tooth I wouldn’t recommend having a toffee. (If I was in a fairy tale I would be drifting towards it.)         

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sweets, treats, dreams

When Mum is away...

Rosie, Cargilfield, aged 12

Mum is cook, and she cooks good food. Good being good for you. Good food for me would be things like macaroni cheese or lasagne or toad in the hole. Normally though, mum would cook something like spinach and artichoke bake or chickpea and radish soup. Like I said, she cooked food that is good for you. 

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home, cooking, food

Yummy food


When they put it right in front of me
That is all I see,
Sometimes it is colourful
Then again some is dull,
But now my mouth is watering
Until the microwave goes ting.  

Suddenly I take a mouthful
And it is so delightful,
It is extra saucy which makes it extra tasty
But I bet it is experimenty,
Once I’m finished I get an extra plateful
I then eat until super full. 

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Poem, food choices, treats, hunger