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Trust Issues

A.V, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

I was at a sleepover with a few of my best friends, enjoying myself and having a good time despite the fact that my friends had decided to put pickle juice in a hot chocolate and give me it. I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for the smell, although I still drank some of it before they told me about their little trick. We carried on our night laughing about it, until later on when they did it again, although this time they did it with toast and burger relish. Later in the night we were making some toast and I went to do something and when I came back the toast was ready.

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When Mum is away...

Rosie, Cargilfield, aged 12

Mum is cook, and she cooks good food. Good being good for you. Good food for me would be things like macaroni cheese or lasagne or toad in the hole. Normally though, mum would cook something like spinach and artichoke bake or chickpea and radish soup. Like I said, she cooked food that is good for you. 

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home, cooking, food

Yummy food


When they put it right in front of me
That is all I see,
Sometimes it is colourful
Then again some is dull,
But now my mouth is watering
Until the microwave goes ting.  

Suddenly I take a mouthful
And it is so delightful,
It is extra saucy which makes it extra tasty
But I bet it is experimenty,
Once I’m finished I get an extra plateful
I then eat until super full. 

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Poem, food choices, treats, hunger