Breakfast Deal

I can choose
links or square
while a bald man in front
of me waits for the bacon 

and the big lassie
behind the counter
is laughing and saying,
Aye, it’s amazin, so it is.

She’s fat and kind,
kind and fat,
in a baseball cap
and matter-of-fact 

like the house painter,
I just heard say -
It’s all bats and knives now,
no one gets a square go anymore.

We queue by the back-lit fridge,
where rows of
Irn-Bru and Ribena
glow like stained-glass

and a radio floods the shop
with a hymn of cheap pop -
How deep is your love?
Tell me it’s an ocean of devotion.

This morning is ours
to take away,
freshly baked,
freshly ground.