Getting There – Travel, Accommodation and Other Expenses

What you need to know about expenses

  • Scottish Book Trust will reimburse your expenses along with your fee
  • We reimburse what you spend; we need receipts for everything except petrol
  • Organisations can book on your behalf and be reimbursed by Scottish Book Trust if necessary

You will be paid £175 per session (plus VAT if you're registered for VAT). Scottish Book Trust covers £100 of this and the host organisation pays a contribution of £75. Scottish Book Trust also pays your travel and subsistence expenses. This ensures authors can travel to their audiences, even if this is from one end of the country to another. For more about how the payment process works, click here. 

Scottish Book Trust will reimburse reasonable expenses that do not go over our guidelines. We reimburse your actual costs and we need to see receipts for everything except petrol.



We understand that travel can be expensive. We will cover travel expenses (including flights, where necessary) with the exception of luxury travel. We try to support as many authors as possible within our budget so cannot provide first class fares.

  • Please use the cheapest form of travel to your destination available, within reason.
  • Mileage is reimbursed at 45p per mile.
  • If you are travelling by train, ferry or plane, please book standard class tickets.
  • Booking as far ahead of time as possible can make a big difference to the price of tickets. Please make sure to book early if you can.
  • If you have any concerns about paying out expenses in advance or claiming them back, get in touch ( as soon as possible.
  • If you need to use a particular form of transport due to access issues, please let us know



Sometimes it is not possible to get to your event and back in the same day. If you are staying overnight, we will reimburse accommodation costs up to £50 per overnight stay. We need to see a receipt or booking confirmation from your hotel. If you cannot find a hotel for £50 or under within a reasonable distance of your event, let us know before booking.



We reimburse refreshments up to £25 per overnight stay or up to £10 if you do not stay overnight. We need to see a receipt for your purchases. This is separate to your accommodation costs; for example, an overnight stay can be reimbursed to a maximum level of £75 for subsistence and accommodation.



You can ask the organiser for recommendations about the best way to travel, local hotels, B&Bs and restaurants.


Frequently asked questions about expenses

I’ve been asked to do a session. What if I can’t pay the expenses up front?

Accommodation costs and train fares can add up. Sometimes it is just bad timing. If you cannot pay your expenses and claim them back later, we may be able to help, or the organisation may be able to book them on your behalf. Scottish Book Trust supports authors: you should never have to turn down paid work through Live Literature because of expenses.

What if an organiser cancels a session and I have already paid out expenses?

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Can organisers book accommodation and travel for authors?

Yes. Scottish Book Trust covers travel and subsistence expenses within our guidelines, so ask the organiser to book as soon as possible. Then they can send an invoice to Scottish Book Trust, stating the author’s name, their Live Literature reference number, and any relevant booking confirmations or receipts.

How long will it take my expenses to be reimbursed?

See: How Scottish Book Trust pays the author and invoices the organiser.

Can I still claim for something if I don’t have a receipt?

See: How Scottish Book Trust pays the author and invoices the organiser