What's Your Story? 2015-16 Participants

The pilot year of What’s Your Story? ran from November 2015 to June 2016, and we found ten teenage participants - our Rookies - to help us create some groundbreaking resources for other young writers as well the opportunity to work on their own writing with support from mentors. To be chosen, they each had to:

  • Show us that they are passionate about creative writing and illustration.
  • Tell us why creative writing and illustration should be part of the lives of teenagers.
  • Be ready to help us create resources and opportunities, so that more young people can get engaged with Scotland’s literary culture and creative writing industries.

We’re delighted to introduce our first batch of Rookies, a wonderful selection of writers and illustrators, in their own words:

You can also check out the 2015-16 mentors.


Cailtyn Bannatune Caitlyn Bannatyne

Age: 17

Location: Milton in West Dunbartonshire

Speciality: Graphic Novel Writing & Illustration

Why Caitlyn’s here: There are not a lot of opportunities for young creative people so we don't often get to meet and interact with each other. Interacting with the other teens and the industry professionals will be very valuable in learning more about myself as a creative person.




Sarah CairneySarah Cairney

Age: 14

Location: Nairn in Highlands

Speciality: Life Stories and Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Why Sarah’s here: If anything it will encourage me to write more, because it will help me believe me work means something and is at least good. I think people will see my work as more than just a "hobby", they'll hopefully see it as something I have great passion for.




Anni CameronAnni Cameron

Age: 17

Location: Joppa in Edinburgh

Speciality: Poetry

Why Anni’s here: I think it would be really great to help create the digital platform - I know I can struggle to create things sometimes and I can't be the only one, so to have a platform which offers guidance to teen writers on such a wide scale, I think that's fantastic and it will be really beneficial. 





Mikaela CarmichaelMikaela Carmichael

Age: 16

Location: Liberton in Edinburgh

Specialty: Gaelic Poetry

Why Mikaela’s here: Although I'm very passionate about writing, I still have to completely find my own voice and I think this programme would help me get in touch with it and find my own niche. I'm also very keen to meet other teenagers who have similar interests as I think this would help me grow more confident in writing.




Leonie Findlay Leonie Findlay

Age: 16

Location: Gordon in Scottish Borders

Speciality: Screenwriting

Why Leonine’s here: I know I will take advantage of every moment and try to grow, both as a person and creatively, so hopefully one day I can create my own stories, through whatever medium, and to perhaps inspire other young people into creating powerful and wonderful pieces of writing.





Erin Morrissey GillmanErin Morrissey Gillman

Age: 17

Location: Newport-on-Tay in Fife

Speciality: Poetry

Why Erin’s here: I am so keen to share my ideas with passionately creative people. I want to encourage as many young people as possible to write as it has always been a very enjoyable and often cathartic experience for me. I would love to expand on what I know and to share ideas with similarly minded people.




Katie LuxmooreKatie Luxmoore

Age: 15       

Location: Tayvallich in Argyll

Speciality: Novel and Short Story Writing

Why Katie’s here: I want to create and learn how to create and hope to eventually be able to create things that can alter perspectives and change hearts. I would love to be a part of something that can inspire other passionate people to do this too. Also I think it all sounds like a fantastic adventure and great fun... Something to write about.





Finn MacDonaldFinn Macdonald

Age: 15       

Location: Nairn in Highlands

Speciality: Novel writing

Why Finn’s here: I feel like - in my experience - wanting to be a writer is a laughable idea for most teenagers. I would like to see this changed to show people that creativity is a good thing and should be encouraged; reaching out to young writers is the best way to do this.




Ribh O'Neill Ribh O'Neill

Age: 14      

Location: Cove Bay in Aberdeenshire

Speciality: Travelogue and Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Why Ribh’s here: As well as learning about writing I would look forward to helping decide what happens at the Young Writers Conference 2016 as I love organising and researching and coming up with new ideas and if I had this opportunity then I could do all that for my favourite hobby and passion in the world – writing.





Scott ThompsonScott Thompson

Age: 15       

Location: Tobermory on Mull

Speciality: Short Story Writing

Why Scott’s here: Seeing others who enjoy writing just as much as I do would be all the motivation I could need. Learning more about myself is particularly exciting because I won't only find out about other people's creativity I can also find my own and go beyond the limits I have set myself.