When I was younger I feel as though I was a well behaved, well-mannered and in general, good wee lad. Though, I'm sure my Mum and Dad could tell me stories that would otherwise contradict this…

I have an older brother called Darren. He is four and a half years older to be exact. I love him dearly and I miss him so much now, ever since he moved to Vancouver, Canada.

However, he is coming back to Scotland to get married to his wonderful partner. I am as excited as my younger seven year old self on Christmas morning to see him again.

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Galileo's Boy

The knife? It was right there on the table. But it wasn’t my fault. It took me years to make the cut.

It was my mum you see. She wanted us to be that wee bit better than everybody else. We had the end block in the terrace, nice garden, and our dad was always in work. A decent, hard-working family in a nice wee council scheme in the country: idyllic you’d think.

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