classroom rebellion

SHE hated me.

I could hear her steps struggling to keep up with mine. She had to choose between walking and speaking. Following me, frantically muttering breathless threats, but I could hear the fear in her voice. The acid fear that corrodes and distorts the voice was making her speak in a high-pitched tone. 

“Stop it!” She kept saying, and the more I heard it, the faster I walked. I was almost running up the last flight of stairs that led to the head’s office.

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My Rebel Story

When I was a child, I was always an honest, good boy.

In the last year of primary school, at least once a day, I hadn't finished my homework. In class, Teacher Zhao came to collect our homework. At that point I lied, and told the teacher I had left my homework at home. I pretended to go home. One of my classmates asked me to stay and submit the homework tomorrow. However, Teacher Zhao asked me to go home.

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