It was early one afternoon and Paula’s family appeared at the hospital window, her twin brother perched on her Dad’s shoulders to see inside. The hospital grounds around them were lush with the recent shower of rain and a string of droplets from broken guttering edged the window. She stood up and wobbled her way to the end of the cot to get closer to the faces she knew. The glass kept them distant and she longed to be on the other side. Her Mum, just in vision mouthed,

“Be a good girl,” and smiled.

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family, loss, defiance, conviction

Unilateral Solidarity

Unilateral Solidarity
A Play With Two Characters 
by Biff Gladman

Act 1

Scene 1

Rector’s office in secondary school.

The rector, in his fifties, is seated at desk, consulting papers.

There is a knock at the door.

RECTOR               (without looking up) Come in.

Sixth year pupil, Henry McCorquodale, 17 years old, enters room.

Rector still does not look up.

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A Juvenile Success

The dictatorial, purple-faced, square-shaped department head ae Religious Education, Mr Blank, had been summoned. Five ae us were in trouble. Three were good boys led astray and oot ae their element. Me? Ah had experience and wis a little scared, but better prepared fir the disproportionate onslaught. The final guy, a misbehaving maestro and ma mate, Richie, wis a living, breathing nutter, who would crack jokes in a foxhole. He couldnae care less if you paid him in PlayStation games and sanctioned days aff school.  

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