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Number Ten's Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Party

Ye hud high unemployment n’ picket lines; Boays Fae the Black Stuff showin families livin oan the breadline, survivin aff a’ scraps like they feral Harpies in Jason n’ The Argonauts. Meanwhile, yuppies wur quaffin in snazzy wine bars, n’ Harry Enfield wis actin pure gallus wae a wad a banknotes yellin, ‘LOADSAMONEY!’

Nae wunner thur wis a reaction.

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Eulogy to the Seventies

You came very quietly…on the wake of flower-powered dreams…we hardly noticed…so exhausted were we from the razzmatazz of the pass eclectic “anything goes” decade. 

You came very quietly, swaying gently with prayer beads and mantras…”sit downs” and “stand ins” at all the major yokel vocal city squares…you catapulted us out of the swinging metallic space age glam glam psychedelic…seedy…buzzing “burn the institution” 60’s into a gentler rhythm…

And we who were beginning to see…turned on at last to a more transcendent view of the human dilemma…

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Devil's Dust

Please note: this piece contains strong language

smoke it, snort it, jag or toot it

soon u canny live withoot it

such heaven becomes an unbearable nightmare

those track marks wont leave your arms bare

its takin ages to find a vein

fuck off monkey, gonny leave me alane

mass produced to feed the masses

of west scotlands predominant working classes

then you've got your anti-smack brigade

thinking their on a futuristic vigilante crusade

citric, filter, spoon, spike, tournie n that brown powder

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