I’d be fooling myself if rising
from the ashes was easy; if I
was reassured and recomposed
and untouched by your heart; it
was once mine after all.  

I’d be lying if I said that now
you mean nothing and, blameless,
walk away.  I’d be heartless if I
confessed that nothing existed, and
I have gone unhurt in this: I won’t
bleed through and show you what
you’ve done, my pride conceals it,
and I wait to be healed.  

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heartbreak, love, defiance

The Brighton Adventure

Warning: this piece contains strong language

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For Rebel, So little time, such an impact

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Here I Am

Am I a rebel?
I leave it up to you
Am I?
All I tell is true -
you will be the judge,
through my eyes, you will see,
my reconstructed memory.

When I was much younger,
nerves strangled my voice -
fear warned me to stay back
yet I chose the right choice,
expression I did not lack.

Using my pen,
pen and keyboard -
I took aim,
rebelled against the inner naysaying,
that which claimed me alone.

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The Rebel Gene

They hadn’t reckoned with my rebellious streak, my need to defy, to take action, when I felt unjustly treated or felt others were. They were so used to controlling others by fear, just like all governments.

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It doesn’t matter. It never did. What do you know about being a rebel? Others talk about ‘real life’. This ‘real life’ we get back to after something different, something stronger. Well here I am as I live and breathe enveloped in every second and living the one I’ve got.

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COP 88

The first act of rebellion
Against extended Education
To sign up for a uniform.

My family.
Not criminals, not outlaws, just decent distanced folk
Doors slammed on my possibilities.

Police HQ
Ugly concrete squat of blank windows
Ordered in rows
Walking into the lions den
Through long corridors
To its heart
Fear fluttering inside.

Change. Challenge.
Do something that scares you.
Every day
I did.
Cop 88.

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Warning: This piece contains strong language  

It’s hard not to pontificate,
While trying to articulate
The burning black despair,
That life just isn’t fair.

Is this what’s known as fate?
To feel this deep a hate,
For something someone else controls.
Alas, rejoice! There’s avocado rolls.

Days spent furiously dreaming,
Of a wallet fat and gleaming.
Trapped into what we’re worth,
By the simple act of birth;
Inside my mind is screaming.

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defiance, individuality


What do you say to someone who knows he will die today, before the ending of the light, or at best during the long dark night to follow?
"How are you? Looking better - I dont think this rain is ever going to stop."
He managed to nod and give a thumbs-up as the nurse settled him back into bed. He was careful of the tubes linking him to an oxygen stand, careful not to foul the lines of plastic that seemed to reach into every possible opening to his body.
What do you say in a side room of a cancer ward? A quiet last retreat, a place for some dignity.

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A Ravenscraig Picture

This story is based on true events although the names of the characters have been changed. 

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