defying convention

The Revolt of the Socks

One day, when my grandson was still just a baby and the Health Visitor had come to check he was OK, my daughter was just putting his socks on him when the Health Visitor said:

“Trying to cause gender confusion are we?”

And my daughter said “What?”

And looked at the socks, which happened to be pink.

Just then I dropped by, and she said to me “Hello dad!” and then to her baby

“Look, here’s your grandma”

And then to the Health Visitor

“This is my dad Jo. She’s my son’s grandma” and carried on as if nothing had happened.

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Against the Internet

I rebel against social network sites,
Credit cards,
Loan deals,
Mobile phones,
Computers – all handheld gadgets.
All are, to me, a ruin of mankind.
They steal our money, our social lives, our shops, our romance, our whole life.
And we cannot talk

As human beings we are slaves to machines,
That run our lives for us,
One day they story mankind for good,
A rebel,
They will not brainwash me.

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Rebel Timeline

Donald MacLean did not choose to be born in a cave. This was a necessity, a ‘stay out of jail card’ decision because his father, also Donald, was one of the many crofters rebelling against Lord Leverhulme’s destructive, divisive grand schemes for the island he bought for five hundred thousand pounds at the end of the First World War. The Inverness Police were enlisted to hunt the crofter renegades who, along with their families, secreted themselves against the mainland turncoats.

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