It was another normal day and the family were preparing for the day ahead. Sarah picked up her school bag and called from the kitchen door, "I'm away, Mum, I'll see you later."

"Bye, darling, have a good day."

Sarah's Dad was returning from his night shift and passed his daughter on the drive.

"Take care and watch when you're crossing the road."

Smiling, he saw her walk to the house on the other side of the road. 

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Rebel Changes in Hunky-Dory

‘You’ve got your mother in a whirl’

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Crime Outfit

Billy never wanted to be a rebel. He wanted a quiet life. Playing footy with his mates in the street, wandering down by the river after dark, making campfires and playing on the swing rope over the water on long summer evenings when the flies buzzed in clouds.

But his family was known in the district for generations of crime. It was a proud tradition of robbing, stealing and general thuggery. Kids at his school steered clear of Billy, scared of what might happen if they got involved in some way with his infamous family. 

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What do you say to someone who knows he will die today, before the ending of the light, or at best during the long dark night to follow?
"How are you? Looking better - I dont think this rain is ever going to stop."
He managed to nod and give a thumbs-up as the nurse settled him back into bed. He was careful of the tubes linking him to an oxygen stand, careful not to foul the lines of plastic that seemed to reach into every possible opening to his body.
What do you say in a side room of a cancer ward? A quiet last retreat, a place for some dignity.

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Night, night, sleep tight

Dinnae let the bedbugs bite

Jist squeeze em tight

An’ they’ll no bite anither night

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Forced Adoption

The Church of England and the Catholic Church have for a long time past meddled in the lives of young women who have got pregnant outside of marriage. They never took the feelings of the young women into account they just said it was morally wrong to have a child outside of wedlock. They have lost most of the records that say who the mothers are, so it is almost impossible for people from 1940’s and 1950’s to find their birth mothers records.

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Fifty Something....

I can't sleep. I feel subdued, undermined. You name it, I’m feeling it. I’m weary, heartily sick of it all. I know, you’re wanting to know why? Just give me time and I’ll try to explain.

So here I am, lovely home, smashing family, absolutely wonderful husband. Why do I let them get to me? Truth is, I don't know. 

My Dad died four months ago. It was hard but I was determined to stay with him till the end. I was declared morbid for that!

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Thelma and Louise, Bitch

Thelma and Louise, Bitch
By Anna Stewart

How me and mum came tae be livin it up on the Forfar Road is a pure massive saga. So I'm just gonnae tell yi the best bit: the end.

We were visitin Edinburgh fae Dundee, stayin at my Great-Auntie's flat on the other side o The Meadows. It wis a summer night and we were walkin back fae toon through the line o trees cawed Jawbone Walk, and that's when my Mum's husband put his hand up my skirt, right in front o her.

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Picasso's Rebel

They entered the cafeteria where everyone was to meet and waved over to this one and that one. She didn’t really get too involved with the other parents and carers…as her own mum said, ‘parents with special needs children are all nutters’ – the implication being that she was included in this assessment of fact. She could see that they were looking at her girl with eyebrows raised, passing judgment on the green haired creature.

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Remembering my mother in St Clement’s Church of Rodel, Isle of Harris

‘I sank beneath your wisdom like a stone’

Leonard Cohen

Remembering you, it’s perfect
finding in my pocket
tiny periwinkle shell, ember-red

with right thumb
brush off
cling of sand, crumb

let fall
single wind-made
blade of Marram

set down spiral-drawn shell
on stone sill
over bountiful

swell of gifts:
two and twenty pence pieces
sheep’s wool twists

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