The Reluctant Rebel

I was in primary school when we had a visit from the fireman. He told us all about the hazards around the home that could put your house up in flames if you weren’t careful. For weeks, I pestered my parents with evacuation drills, fire action plans, and smoke alarm tests. Eventually, my fears were allayed with the knowledge that I had never heard of anyone I knew having a house fire. I concluded it happens to barely anyone and they all live really far away.

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In Between Days

A crack, and everything changes. 

Miss Coakley appears in the window, a shrunken head framed by fizzes of grey-black hair. Behind her, the girls bob in unison, ponytails twisted on the top of their heads so you can’t tell who’s who.

Mike’s giggling with the sort of glee that bubbles into your words, climbing down to find more stones, and soon I can’t hear him, only the sharpness of that rock hitting the window. It sits in the dense quiet of an afternoon that is heavy with the weight of all the summer that has passed.

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Scissor Sisters

People say objects live somewhere, as in ‘the cups live in the cupboard’ but Lucy felt that her dolls could never ‘live’ anywhere, not even as objects. Four dolls, each an unwelcome gift, but still she kept on being given them. 

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My Little Rebel

My little rebel, stand tall, brave and proud,
You’re unique and individual, don’t get lost in the crowd.
In a party full of Princesses, you’re a unicorn,
They have glitter and tiaras, you’ve a multi-coloured horn.
Make friends with the quiet, the lonely and the shy,
Speak up and have your voice heard, don’t let them pass you by
Destined to be rebellious, Aoife Malin don’t conform
The shipping forecast warned us, you were born in a storm
Climb mountains, read books, sing loudly, dance and twirl,

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Lassies Don't Make Baskets

Lassies don't make baskets, they clean and tidy up,
So go and wash the dishes, and dinnae chip the cups.
But I want to make a basket, I really want to learn,
You can teach me, I'm a quick learner, as you already ken.
You always say 4 hands are quicker than 2,
So if I was helping you make them, there'd be less work for you to do.
You sit out there for hours, in every kind of weather,
You don't have time to play with us or even have a blether.
My Granny said she'd taught you, you were very quick to learn,

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My Idea of a Rebel

This morning @ 9:25am

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You can't ban me

Jamie bit her lip, as she walked up the football field behind her parents. Would they still consent? They encouraged her to be herself, but mum wasn’t too enthusiastic about her running around in shorts. Nervously she spun the ball under her arm, while she scanned the boys on the field. They didn’t even waste a single look on her. Since the ban three years ago everything had changed. When women had once drawn more spectators to the games than men, the Football Association ban of 1921 effectively killed the women’s game.

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