The Rebel

About 50 years ago I was given a wooden box carved in the shape of a book. Roughly 6" x 8 “. It had a sliding top and was hollow inside. There was an inscription on the lid which read. “Souvineer from Pitcairn Island. HMS Bounty who was land 1790." Inside was a hand written note in pencil signed by F Christian. The gentleman who gave me the box was an old seafarer in his nineties, he had sailed on the clippers ships all over the world. His house was a treasure trove of objects from all his years at sea. He told me the box was made from the wood of the Bounty.

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The Woman in the Hat (for Emily)

The bit is between her teeth
But she’s not bridled
Not saddled
And yet, this burden, for her
Is intolerable.
The race she runs in
Can have only one ending
Another may be declared winner,
But she will win.
We all shall.
But, at what cost?
To her the price is final;
No more can she pay, in pursuit
Of this prize.
To those that have come since
A debt will always remain
To the woman in the hat
With the bit between her teeth.

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Norn Broser - The Norn Rebel

Folekar laga mål min ikke livandi 
Eg er broser. BODA!
Norn ikke missa!
Norn ikke kasten!
Norn dað hever mog. 

Jift mål min er blag og jardaði
hvatna agga eg i?
Norn du ert bulig.
Norn du ert bulig.
Eg er Norn!


People say my tongue does not exist
I am a rebel. YELL!
Norn is not lost!
Norn is not rejected!
Norn it has me. 

If my tongue is dead and buried
what do I protest in?
Norn you are healthy.
Norn you are healthy.
I am Norn!


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Having words

I had to ask six people for directions to the Samuel Johnson Museum before I found it. 'I'm shocked,' I told the hapless museum attendant, 'no-one seems to know where you are. There's not a sign in sight till you're almost outside. And twice I've been sent to the Samuel Johnson Community Hospital.'

He shrugged. 'I know. We've been on to the Council to do something.'

'But he's Lichfield's famous son,' I protested, 'born in this very house. People must come from all over the world. They need to find it.'

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