Are you a real rebel? Or someone who just thinks they are? Take our handy test below to find out more. Here’s how to rank your score:

0-2          You buy books by Salman Rushdie and Zadie Smith. And never read them. But still talk about them at dinner parties.

3-4          You once thought Richard Dawkins was a bit of an idiot. Or suspected that a lot of medical research is a waste of time.

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Rebel with a Cause

Warning: this piece contains strong language

I am a rebel with a cause

I never pause to think

I dont shrink

the words simply slink from my mouth like angry ink

I splatter them on everyone 

I can't lie, it's kind of fun.

people roll their eyes as i cry,

but what about animals lives? black women, trans and gay, lebsian and bi?

I'm not afraid of a fight.

I need to do what's right, it's my responsibiliy as a cis, straight white. 

I might be a witch

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Rebel without a handbag

On the 20th of May I walked down Bruce Street without a bag.

I have given up bag carrying. No handbag, carrier bag, or holdall of any kind, not even the respectable cotton shopper with identifying bookshop logo. I feel naked, so naked, that for the first time in years, I feel as if people are looking at me.

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Rebel Timeline

Donald MacLean did not choose to be born in a cave. This was a necessity, a ‘stay out of jail card’ decision because his father, also Donald, was one of the many crofters rebelling against Lord Leverhulme’s destructive, divisive grand schemes for the island he bought for five hundred thousand pounds at the end of the First World War. The Inverness Police were enlisted to hunt the crofter renegades who, along with their families, secreted themselves against the mainland turncoats.

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A Faint Whiff of Rebellion

Being a rebel has never been my forte. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always seen the romanticism in rebellion, from the heroes of the French Resistance to the ‘rebel scum’ who stood against Vader’s Empire. I grew up in the seventies & eighties, when every cop series featured the gritty detective fighting against the strictures of his superiors and getting the job done, dammit! The rebel was my hero, the aspirational self of my fantasies.

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Where are the Rebels?

I sat today and wondered, where are the Rebels? Do they still exist? Does it even matter?

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My Idea of a Rebel

This morning @ 9:25am

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Rebel Poet

Warning: this piece contains strong language

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When I was young I went through a hard time involving abuse. For the rest of my life I’ve been running away to find...I don’t know what! 

I used to jump out of my bedroom window all the time, climb out onto the garage roof and run away up the road. I would meet my friends and just hang around with them, having fun and a laugh. Sometimes we even went to the pub – anything to avoid going home. However, nearly always I would get found out and brought back home. I rebelled and went straight back out and did the same again! 

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You can't ban me

Jamie bit her lip, as she walked up the football field behind her parents. Would they still consent? They encouraged her to be herself, but mum wasn’t too enthusiastic about her running around in shorts. Nervously she spun the ball under her arm, while she scanned the boys on the field. They didn’t even waste a single look on her. Since the ban three years ago everything had changed. When women had once drawn more spectators to the games than men, the Football Association ban of 1921 effectively killed the women’s game.

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