Dear T,

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The Story of Ali's Anger...

Ali had been angry her whole life. The anger burned like a hot coal fire deep in her belly; it had been there a long time and now it threatened to erupt out of her mouth like a volcano and spew hot magma over every single family member. She had spent years smiling and agreeing, and being brow-beaten into submission, and the embers of her anger had smouldered away… until recently. Her back was against the wall now and something had to give.

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Safe Space

The girl you once were never leaves entirely. Sometimes you catch a brief reflection of her walking past a mirror, glancing sideways as you move. It’s often an early morning, late night, veins thrumming with alcohol, kind of thing. 

And there are moments you stop in your tracks, shed the defences, the battered hide and social graces of adulthood as you look her in the eye. 

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