Letter to Mum, Nov 77

21 November 1977

Dear Mum,

I miss your sayings more than anything and I try to live by them as much as I can. ‘Leave while the party’s still good’, is sometimes a struggle. I’m wondering about one of your favourites for my current situation, ‘to thine own self be true’. I’ve fallen in love with Father Mann. No, honestly mum, don’t be mad or stop reading. It’s the real thing, I’m going to tell him soon. I’ll never get the chance at mass with Mr McAlpine hanging about like his bodyguard so I thought of three possibilities:

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Auld Rebel

Warning: this piece contains strong language

My itchy feet did not stop when I returned home from the Far East and met the man who would become my husband in less than six months. They were soothed. They were softened. They were worn, day in, day out, for many years. 

Worn, trodden upon, used … my feet were trampled over many times but still they plodded on. They say we hit a treadmill at certain times of life and maybe that’s where my feet found themselves for thirty plus years. 

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I’d be fooling myself if rising
from the ashes was easy; if I
was reassured and recomposed
and untouched by your heart; it
was once mine after all.  

I’d be lying if I said that now
you mean nothing and, blameless,
walk away.  I’d be heartless if I
confessed that nothing existed, and
I have gone unhurt in this: I won’t
bleed through and show you what
you’ve done, my pride conceals it,
and I wait to be healed.  

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heartbreak, love, defiance

Stacey on the Lunch

Warning: this piece contains strong language

Decelerated positron emissions born a thousand centuries earlier bathed her face in the warmth of a late Spring morning. This time was ours and no aspects of cliché, of empathy, of knowing smiles could take away the fact that she was my princess. I knew she was for I had admired her for months, waiting for a suitable time to slay the dragon who held her prisoner.

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school rebellion, love

Love Is Rebellion

‘Rebel’ is a word for other people
Rebel is for the innovators, those breaking the rules
Whereas for me
I am too honest for my own good
I always pay in full, never skipping the fare
I only cross at the green man, checking both sides
I play by the rules, colour within the lines 

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