mothers and daughters

A Love Letter

Honey bunny, Mummy wants you to know that you don’t have to try to please everybody around you.

You can say or show how you truly feel.

I want you to be happy and be able to have the confidence to speak up for yourself.

I want you to be able to find happiness from within.


First, you need to be able to stay true to yourself.

You don’t need to say out loud to others how you feel.


You need to be able to say it to yourself, be confident in what you believe and accept who you are!

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My non-existent essay.

In my last few weeks at school, I was ordered along with the rest of my peers to write an essay on the theme of “The British Commonwealth” for a competition.

I hated my school. I particularly hated my headmaster. I hated competitions. I had no opinion that the Commonwealth was exclusively a force for good. And I utterly detested being told what to write. So I spent my time in the library, like the others. I read stuff, I have no idea what. I made notes, apparently.

I did not write the essay.

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Wicked Daughters

Daughters who stop talking to their mothers are always wicked. The family is quick to condemn, criticise and decry the actions of such an immature, ungrateful delinquent witch. ‘Why have you done this? Can’t you see how much it’s hurting her? Just give her a text.’ ‘No.’ ‘She’s your mother!’

‘Why does that make a difference?’

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