What you rebelling against?

What you got?

It’s May Day 2018 and I’ve just tweeted the Scottish Book Trust to say that today’s the perfect day to start writing my Rebel story. I get a tweet of encouragement back and we’re off. 

This invitation has come at the perfect time as I seek ways back into writing after years rebelling against it. I really wanted to be a writer when I was young and got as far as an interview for a trainee journalist post at The Scotsman newspaper but not got the job.

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‘Be not another, if thou canst be thyself.’ (Paracelsus)

I have always loved tales of successful forgery, of duped experts, of artistry overcoming authority. Although admiring the audacity of triumphant fakers, I felt no urge to join their ranks. Then, whilst reading Peter Ackroyd’s 1987 novel, Chatterton, I experienced an epiphany which resolved a professional snag.

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Rebel Rebel, Joseph's Doing Well

My story begins with my head held high and a smile on my face when taking my dog out for a walk.

Suddenly, I came up with an idea for a song so after I had taken my dog home I decided to put pen to paper and write the lyrics


Then I went into Glasgow city centre to the music studios to record my song on a CD.

Once I had done that I created my own front cover from a recent photo of me to place on the CD.

The next day I took it into a record shop and I asked, "Can you put this on your shelf for me?"

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