How Do You Get To Be A Rebel?

Recently, on a night out in a city centre pub, an Irish singer was entertaining us. Deedle-de-de music is great for a sing-song and we were having a ball. During the chorus of one song, lots of folk started shouting “IRA, IRA”. I was shocked and speechless. These were young people. Scots who weren't born when we were watching the horrific Irish troubles on our TV screens in the 70s, 80s and 90s. How did they become so passionate about a rebel cause? Did they think about what they were glamorising or simply join in?

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Use your brain

I was a rebel from primary school. I remember purposely standing in dog dirt on my first day while getting taken to school. I suppose my subconscious five year old mind did not want to go. The rest of my primary school education was reasonably uneventful apart from hitting the teacher with a snowball in my last year at primary school. She was running though the playground because the snow was heavy, and she was a long way off, about half the length of a kids football pitch. When I flung the snowball high in the air, with all my might and accuracy, I seriously didn’t think I would hit her.

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