school uniform

Who Do You Think You Are?

It was a difficult time for those of us transferring from our safe, small, district based primary schools to the big secondary schools all of which were in the centre of town. To add to the pressure we were the first intake of the comprehensive system introduced in 1970.

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A Real High School Rebel

When I was younger and still at high school,
I had an edgy t-shirt I thought made me look cool.
It had in bold black text “Lethal Death! USA”!
I made a point to try and wear it every day.

If I remember right the t-shirt was white,
A comfy fit that felt just right.
It used the colours red, white and blue,
And featured cool looking skulls and flames, too.

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A Dressing Down

Looking back, secondary school rules on dress were fairly relaxed when I started there in 1989. Ties, although encouraged, were an endangered species, and dark-blue blazers reached extinction some time during my second year.  Trainers and “T-shirts with slogans” were severely frowned upon; jeans banned outright.

“You’ve got the biggest bit.”  My brother Andrew measured the chocolate Swiss roll with his eyes. “Put some back.”

I stacked the three sections on top of each other. “We’ve all got exactly the same size.  Stop whining.”

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