Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty ...

It was a moment of madness. I’d never stolen before, well, no more than the odd biscuit out the tin anyway, and I haven’t since. But what would you do if temptation sidled out in front of you with a great big grin on its face?

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Charnock Richard


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Full of Beans

“It was me!” I said.

My six cousins gasped as one, my mother blanched and my father glowered. Until then, this first holiday had been an adventure. There was all the excitement and novelty of the sleeper train from Scotland to King’s Cross and a train to Cirencester, to spend a fortnight with my aunt and uncle and their brood. In glorious sunshine, I paddled and guddled in the river, built shelters and careered about on an old bike.

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childhood, stealing