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A Patch of Red Somewhere

I am sitting in a fortunate position today; I have a really good view out of the window. Spring is on the way at last, and I can see a burgeoning of buds on the trees. The sun, an almost forgotten addition to the sky, is breaking through the clouds. The meeting room is warm, I ease back in my chair, stretching my legs out. I feel a bit sleepy and have to stifle a yawn. My eyes feel heavy, I just fancy drifting off for a while. I snap back to attention as my colleague nudges me surreptitiously, trying to give me a pile of spreadsheets “Take one and pass it on” she hisses.

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A Ravenscraig Picture

This story is based on true events although the names of the characters have been changed. 

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A Real High School Rebel

When I was younger and still at high school,
I had an edgy t-shirt I thought made me look cool.
It had in bold black text “Lethal Death! USA”!
I made a point to try and wear it every day.

If I remember right the t-shirt was white,
A comfy fit that felt just right.
It used the colours red, white and blue,
And featured cool looking skulls and flames, too.

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A rebel is born - again!

What is a rebel?

Well thanks tae oor auld school teachers they'd have us believe that a rebel is nothing more than a trouble maker, but I honestly believe it's someone who isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe in even if they're the only ones standing.

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A Rebel Is I, A Rebel Is Me

A rebel is I, a rebel is me.
An outcast is what others may see
But I am no outcast maybe a loner, I suppose.
In actual fact a rebel with very good cause.
Rebel against the social norms, that say, I can’t wear the things I likes as they’re too comfy, too bland, too me.
Rebel against the social norms, that say, I should be married and settled by thirty.
Rebel because you have a point to make, a voice to be heard that will not shake.
Rebel even if it kicks up a fuss, rebel even more when you see treatment that is unjust.

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A Small Piece of Damascus

I could only pick one thing.
So I took our centuries of literature and built a library in my heart.
My wife took the mountains near where she was born.
My two children argued over who would take dancing and who would take music.
We smuggled our treasure through Turkey, never stopping. Across train tracks and rivers, never stopping. We climbed in the same boat, knowing exactly what our chances were.

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A statement against housework after loss

A statement against housework after loss

I winna wash ma windas or bleach the dining room screens,
I winna fash wi recycling or clean up cat sick stains,
I winna pay the coonsil tax cause they can a go hang.
I winna bother wi ma coupon, there’s nithin I can buy?

I winna buy flooers for Tommy’s grave but who will bury me?
Fit if we’re a incinerated, like in Nagasaki?
Fit if I’m in hiven and I canna find my Tommy?
Fit if there’s different hivens, depending how you die?

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'Abandon' - set against one of my original photographs.

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Absent Without Leave

When I was at school, there were three world leaders:

George W Bush; Tony Blair; Mr Booth -

a terrifying man with a moustache like a dictator,

and we were all Booth Youth. Black blazers and button badges

declaring our allegiance.

Following his repeated instruction

‘put up or shut up.’


We were worried about war.

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Accidental Rebel

Mrs. Green gives me that smile, except it isn’t really a smile. The corners of her mouth turn upwards but the rest of her face keeps a steely expression. No, this definitely isn’t a smile. This is a message, a message that says ‘I’m watching you’. 

For the last five minutes I’ve shared a desk with Mrs. Green, the Home Economics teacher. I’m told this is for bad behaviour, or so she says – I know she’s wrong. We share a desk out of boredom, my boredom. 

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