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Warning: this piece contains strong language

The Denwrecker ducked behind the curtains of his bedroom window and started scribbling into his notepad when he spotted the two ginger kids from across the street heading for the treeline with neatly chopped piles of wood in their arms. Pushing along a wheelbarrow in the brothers’ wake came their dad. A builder by trade: stout, freckled and even more violently ginge than his sons.

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Destiny Rewritten

The year was 1983. I had just turned 8. I was still learning how to read and write and being dyslexic meant I was slower than the rest of the class. My father bought me a dictionary to help me with spelling and the meanings of words. Although, I think it was also to give him a break from answering my endless questions about things I was being taught at school. Mother was not interested; her hands were full from looking after my 3 other siblings. So my questions were either met with “go and ask your father” or “that’s a stupid question, go and make yourself useful”.

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Devil's Dust

Please note: this piece contains strong language

smoke it, snort it, jag or toot it

soon u canny live withoot it

such heaven becomes an unbearable nightmare

those track marks wont leave your arms bare

its takin ages to find a vein

fuck off monkey, gonny leave me alane

mass produced to feed the masses

of west scotlands predominant working classes

then you've got your anti-smack brigade

thinking their on a futuristic vigilante crusade

citric, filter, spoon, spike, tournie n that brown powder

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Disrespect your Elders

My infant son and I were at the local Mall, he bounced and giggled happily in his sling as we entered the Disney Store.

‘What wonders will Daddy buy for me today!?’ I’m sure he was thinking.

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Do I look like a rebel?

I am looking through family photos and here I am at 4 years old. I think it was taken by a street photographer.  Do you remember them? They used to pop up on piers and beaches. I’m looking mighty suspicious.  I’m on a little donkey. The kind that moves backwards and forwards when the coin goes in. My grandpa and grandma are in the photo too. I’m wide eyed and looking out cautiously from under my fringe.  My jaw is set in a manner which matches my eyes, watchful, quizzical, timid. I do not look bold. 

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Drinking Games

I used to think drinking was cool. I longed to be 18 so I could sit in the pub and get royally hammered. And that’s what happened. I spent the best years of my youth drinking my ass off. Is there a bar here? What time is it open until? Do you mind if I get messed up?

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Drugs, Sex and Scandal

It has never been my intention to be a rebel. It has never been my intention to break the law and technically I never have, but unwittingly I seem to have given it a good go on occasions. As a serving member of Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise I was once arrested and charged with smuggling, then narrowly avoided a prostitution wrap all within the space of a few hours.

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