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Early Rebel

Thumb in mouth, sucking gently, I opened my eyes. Something soft nudged my forehead. I looked up and White Rabbit swam into view. I pulled him close murmuring and chattering to him. 

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Em and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Surely there was more to life than doing what was expected? Fortunately, my girlfriend, Em, agreed. Standing in her bathroom doorway one morning, I asked her if she fancied riding a motorbike with me half way round the world. My resignation followed a year later.

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Empire of Mud

The following story reimagines true events of terror and sandwich-robbery experienced by staff at the General Register Office in Edinburgh from the perspective of the robber: a genuinely terrifying, enormous, one-legged seagull.

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seagulls, misunderstood


It was early one afternoon and Paula’s family appeared at the hospital window, her twin brother perched on her Dad’s shoulders to see inside. The hospital grounds around them were lush with the recent shower of rain and a string of droplets from broken guttering edged the window. She stood up and wobbled her way to the end of the cot to get closer to the faces she knew. The glass kept them distant and she longed to be on the other side. Her Mum, just in vision mouthed,

“Be a good girl,” and smiled.

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family, loss, defiance, conviction

Eulogy to the Seventies

You came very quietly…on the wake of flower-powered dreams…we hardly noticed…so exhausted were we from the razzmatazz of the pass eclectic “anything goes” decade. 

You came very quietly, swaying gently with prayer beads and mantras…”sit downs” and “stand ins” at all the major yokel vocal city squares…you catapulted us out of the swinging metallic space age glam glam psychedelic…seedy…buzzing “burn the institution” 60’s into a gentler rhythm…

And we who were beginning to see…turned on at last to a more transcendent view of the human dilemma…

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