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“….true rebels are few, far between and often the most unlikely people you'll ever think of….”

 (Urban Dictionary – accessed 4.4.18)

Sometimes life, (or death), changes things.
Pieces thrown into the air
Fall to land in a different formation.

You've got your mother in a whirl 
She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl…

I didn’t know it then, but 
now I see that when it happened
I was still riffing on my mother’s death

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Institutional Education

“Stupid people” Craig said, as he sat in the driving seat of my driving school car. This was one of my favourite sayings.

“Why do you say that?”

“I was walking down the school corridor on my way out for my lesson, when the Head master walks out and stands in front of me, ‘where are you going’ he asks me’, ‘going for a driving lesson’ I tell him. ‘You are not allowed to go for a driving lesson during school time, I am here to stop you leaving, you will have to call him and cancel it’.

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Is your glass always full, or always upturned?

I am quite polite. I’m often quiet. I follow rules, and sometimes over compensate to ill effect.

Am I a rebel?

 I recently came up with a tag line for myself. If people were to describe me and my own "personal brand", or to slogan one of those very revelatory T-shirts, they would say, 'she’s the one with loads of friends ... but they’re all imaginary'.

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Island Rocker

I grew up on the island of Mull. I lived in the village of Bunessan and it was a quiet place. Most of the people there were fishermen and crofters.

Sometimes, when I was a teenager I would get a bit restless and bored. Then I discovered rock music. The first time I heard the beat of the drum and the wild sound of electric guitars I was hooked.

From then on I became a rocker. I had long hair and I would play my music really loud. Not as loud as some of the ceilidh music though. I liked Pink Floyd and Aerosmith in particular.

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It's a Dog's Life

I grew up in a small town in central Scotland, one of five siblings. Our father was a local doctor who, in his leisure time, strange as it may seem, liked to kill things. Rough shooting was his chosen hobby and to facilitate this we always kept one or more gun dogs, usually a Springer Spaniel to put up the game and a Labrador to retrieve the booty.

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