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My Rebel

It was standing up for myself for the first time. It was sneaking two cakes into my friend’s bag in the lunch line instead of one. It was staying at the park that little bit later past my curfew, to enjoy the sunshine and smell of sun-tan lotion during long summer holidays. It was ‘backies’ on bikes and rollerblading down hills, even though it was dangerous.

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My Rebel Story

When I was a child, I was always an honest, good boy.

In the last year of primary school, at least once a day, I hadn't finished my homework. In class, Teacher Zhao came to collect our homework. At that point I lied, and told the teacher I had left my homework at home. I pretended to go home. One of my classmates asked me to stay and submit the homework tomorrow. However, Teacher Zhao asked me to go home.

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