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Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty ...

It was a moment of madness. I’d never stolen before, well, no more than the odd biscuit out the tin anyway, and I haven’t since. But what would you do if temptation sidled out in front of you with a great big grin on its face?

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Nana's Diary

I search for you
on every time mottled page,
the girl who gave my daughter
those dark Jewish eyes
that olive skin.
Your words suck me
into an echoing tunnel,
a carriage full of tear-stained faces
pressed against windows.

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for Gwendolyn Brooks

We's at uni
then the brew
see they Macjobs
we's missed the queue
we's do Ees
wit do wur heid
pushin' forty
we's aw deid

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Never Say Never

  • rebel


        nouna person who resists authority, control, or popular convention

  • rebellion


        noun: action against those in authority, or against normal and accepted ways of behaving

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No Passport or Bus Pass Required

I had to get out of the country. I had no passport and no chance of getting one without being traced. The obvious choice was to find a small boat, but where?

Big ferry ports are a waste of time. There's security everywhere and you won't get far without a ticket, never mind a passport. Even trying the port area in the vicinity of a ferry terminal is useless. If you do manage to find a small boat with a talkative owner, he'll politely decline your request for fear of getting picked up by the customs patrols.

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Non Rebel and Rebel Unite

“You’ll be starting at the farm on Monday,” my dad said. I stood silent, dumfounded. Words wouldn’t come. No rebellion. How could I, a bookish 15 year old, possibly cope with such a job? I’d just left school, after 3 years secondary education, and for this. The 2nd youngest in a family of 10 children, I was the only one given such an opportunity. Though brought up on farms I knew little farm work, and even less about horses. Gathering Kerr’s pink tatties into sculls every autumn, was the limit of my knowledge.

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Norn Broser - The Norn Rebel

Folekar laga mål min ikke livandi 
Eg er broser. BODA!
Norn ikke missa!
Norn ikke kasten!
Norn dað hever mog. 

Jift mål min er blag og jardaði
hvatna agga eg i?
Norn du ert bulig.
Norn du ert bulig.
Eg er Norn!


People say my tongue does not exist
I am a rebel. YELL!
Norn is not lost!
Norn is not rejected!
Norn it has me. 

If my tongue is dead and buried
what do I protest in?
Norn you are healthy.
Norn you are healthy.
I am Norn!


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Not For Me

We joined together,                                                                                  
But not at the hip
Working so hard
To become equipped,
Experiences had
Shifts passed by,
We, were aiming high.
Through the glass ceiling we went
Touching the sky
Thinking back, I want to cry
But not you. 

Your drive is impressive
But it’s not for me
Straight to the top
I hear your plea. 

Like a spring morning
Fresh and bright
Up early, finish late,
To you it seems right. 

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Not In Tonight

Not In Tonight

Sometimes after a busy day all I want when I get home is peace and quiet.

So now and then, not often, but just on an occasion when there is a knock at the door I don't answer it. I pretend I'm not in. 

A bit naughty maybe but sometimes my visitor would arrive at tea time. Most of the time I would let them in and offer some soup or something but, now and then I would say 'shove it!' and hide.

We're none of us perfect.

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Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

When you think of rebellion a collection of stock images tend to flicker through your mind, playing like an old time newsreel.

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