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Rebel Changes in Hunky-Dory

‘You’ve got your mother in a whirl’

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Rebel Girl

A nose piercing. 
             You copied it.
A well intended trip into vegetarianism. 
               You wanted me to fail.
A drain familiar with protein shakes. 
               You couldn't accept my BMI was healthy.
A newfound love of yellow. 
               You banned it from my wardrobe.
A craving for salt and vinegar crisps. 
               You and you alone could eat those.
A need to defend animals. 
               You kicked our lovely wee cat.
A respect for my grandparents. 

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By Peter Hugo McClure 


Into the world he lept
While others soundly slept...
Boldly to the foe he went
With orders heavenly sent.

And in blind pursuit did go
Crying loudly no... no... no!
When called on to refrain
By the cowards with no shame.

Unable to flee or turn back
Onwardly went without slack...
Showing a brave face to all
Unaware what was to befall.

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Rebel Islander

The city offers work, a step up the ladder, a social life, and a wealth of distractions.
It is a place of opportunity and corporate interactions.
Millennials are told and told again.
I, on the other hand, rebelled.
I didn’t want to ‘get ahead’,
To commute, to pollute, to consume, to be subsumed by the noise, the want, and the desire.
A future of -
‘just another year renting’
‘just another year sharing’
‘just another year of a house that is not a home’
‘just another place that I will never belong’

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Rebel on the Mile

The night hadn’t been kind to us. Our band of brothers had started with four, now we were two.

We had forged our alliance as young men, enthused by the arrogance of youth and rallied by camaraderie. We used to do this for fun; on home soil or in foreign lands. We lived to tell the tales of our adventures but bore the scars of our misdemeanours.

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everyday rebellion

Rebel Poet

Warning: this piece contains strong language

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Rebel Rebel, Joseph's Doing Well

My story begins with my head held high and a smile on my face when taking my dog out for a walk.

Suddenly, I came up with an idea for a song so after I had taken my dog home I decided to put pen to paper and write the lyrics


Then I went into Glasgow city centre to the music studios to record my song on a CD.

Once I had done that I created my own front cover from a recent photo of me to place on the CD.

The next day I took it into a record shop and I asked, "Can you put this on your shelf for me?"

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Rebel Schooldays

I was always at least half in love with my English teachers. Except one. I'll call him Mr. Mann. I think it was the hirsute-ness that intimidated us girls. The boys had nary a whisker between them, but Mr. Mann had hair escaping all over the place. Did I mention? It was the year An American Werewolf in London came out.

Try as I might I couldn't stop staring at his nostril jungle that first day. I was new to the phenomenon of a moustache that started somewhere up in the sinuses.

"Do I know you? I don't remember you from last year." He demanded.

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Rebel Timeline

Donald MacLean did not choose to be born in a cave. This was a necessity, a ‘stay out of jail card’ decision because his father, also Donald, was one of the many crofters rebelling against Lord Leverhulme’s destructive, divisive grand schemes for the island he bought for five hundred thousand pounds at the end of the First World War. The Inverness Police were enlisted to hunt the crofter renegades who, along with their families, secreted themselves against the mainland turncoats.

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Rebel With a Cause

I am a rebel with a cause. As a drag queen, there’s a sense of duty. We’re leaders, performing in venues across the world every night of the week. We stand out from the crowd and use our microphone or social media reach for good. We’re a strong voice in the campaign for LGBT rights, and more.

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