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In 1968, I launched a magazine called ‘Uhuru!’ It was odd to use the Swahili word for ‘freedom’, borrowed from the Mau-Mau rebels in Kenya, but more than that, in a Scottish military school with serving fathers, it was perilous.

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Unilateral Solidarity

Unilateral Solidarity
A Play With Two Characters 
by Biff Gladman

Act 1

Scene 1

Rector’s office in secondary school.

The rector, in his fifties, is seated at desk, consulting papers.

There is a knock at the door.

RECTOR               (without looking up) Come in.

Sixth year pupil, Henry McCorquodale, 17 years old, enters room.

Rector still does not look up.

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Unlikely Rebel

She’s a rebel
Always does what she is told;
She’ll say please and thank you
But leave you feeling cold 

Something of a beatnik
Never really fits;
Won’t smoke or drink
But isn’t afraid to hit 

Down on the streets
She’s rarely ever seen;
Eyes are bright
With mischievous gleam 

There’s something about her
Something quite amiss;
Sirens seem to follow her
Everything’s a crisis 

She’s always alone
A well-trained savage;
Pristine clean
At home in the garbage. 

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Use your brain

I was a rebel from primary school. I remember purposely standing in dog dirt on my first day while getting taken to school. I suppose my subconscious five year old mind did not want to go. The rest of my primary school education was reasonably uneventful apart from hitting the teacher with a snowball in my last year at primary school. She was running though the playground because the snow was heavy, and she was a long way off, about half the length of a kids football pitch. When I flung the snowball high in the air, with all my might and accuracy, I seriously didn’t think I would hit her.

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